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ISTANIA is not just another hotel booking website. Booking at ISTANIA has many benefits for both the costumer, the Indonesian population and environment and tourism in general. We are an innovative organization that seeks to provide customers with accurate information about hotels, ecolodges and other accommodations in Indonesia, while contributing to charitable causes. Booking at Istania is simple and you yourself can give back to the community or support the environment easily at no extra cost.

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Each time you book your hotel, 2% of the booking Nett price will be given to an Indonesian charitable organization of your own choice, which makes you feel good because you can contribute. Choose between 20 different charities, yayasan, social enterprises or NGOs that all help to make Indonesia a better place, either by conserving the environment, protecting endangered animals, providing homes, caring for sick children, providing education and healthcare, and much more.  

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Get all the information you need from our blog

ISTANIA adopts the concept of ‘Responsible travel’, which aims to provide a more rewarding holiday experience for travellers while taking into consideration the well-being of local communities and protection of the natural environment. At our blog you can find comprehensive information about idyllic destinations and unique accommodations we have picked out for you to ensure a holiday you will never forget. Looking for an eco-friendly stay? Take a look at our list of top ecolodges and green hotels in Indonesia or these ecostays around Bali.

Sumatra Orang utan
Not sure what ecotourism, ecolodges, or responsible travelling entail? We explain it all on our blog. For example how to be a responsible traveller? Besides, you can read many hotel reviews and discover recently opened or soon to be open hotels on the blog, giving you all the information you need for comparing and choosing the right hotel. You can book hotels from all over Indonesia, from Bogor/Puncak to Solo to Bali to Pontianak and many other places.

Learn to become a responsible traveller

ISTANIA gives you a means for ‘Responsible hotel booking’ and makes travellers aware about sustainable tourism in Indonesia. Indonesia is the perfect place to explore untouched destinations, visit remote hidden paradises and discover its natural and cultural beauties.

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We find it important that you experience an exceptional holiday while staying at comfortable accommodations, and at the same time have the opportunity to give back to charities.

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We keep our accessible website neat and clean, free from advertisements, so that you can easily find what you’re looking for. We are based on trust and transparency and only show nett prices which already include tax and service. Last but not least, you can easily get an extra discount for bookings on ISTANIA. Simply pay with bank transfer and we give you a 3% discount on the nett price.

Misool Eco Resort

So book your next destination now on ISTANIA and help make Indonesia a better place!

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Rumah Turi eco hotel Solo

Rumah Turi Eco-Boutique Hotel in Solo

ECO Green LOGO for Eco Lodges

Home is where Rumah Turi is

Solo as a relatively small and not too busy city in Central Java is expanding its accommodations to meet the needs of visitors looking for a comfortable stay. Rumah Turi, located strategically in the center of Solo, though in a residential area away from the busy streets, has been established to meet the growing demand of tourists seeking tranquillity and comfort.

Rumah Turi eco hotel Solo

This green boutique hotel adopts a “making you feel at home” concept, creating a cozy and homy environment through both design and ambiance. With numerous little gardens and plants filling the empty spaces of the property, until the roof terrace, you will not feel like you are residing in the middle of a city, but rather in a rural family house.

A green experience

Rumah Turi is a suitable place for people who want a quiet atmosphere but still want to be close to the city. It is 15 minutes by car from the Balapan Railway Station and 20 minutes by car from Adi Sumarmo Airport. 300 meter from the hotel is the Paragon shopping mall, and other touristic attractions are only a few km away. Rumah Turi is accommodated with 18 natural, Javanese toned rooms with modern amenities, such as a mini-bar, flatscreen TV and wifi.

Wuni room Rumah Turi eco hotel Solo
The restaurant Kedai Turi serves traditional local dishes and makes use of herbs and spices from their own garden. On the rooftop terrace you can find a pendopo surrounded by climbing vines, a peaceful place for meditation or yoga. Besides, a library and bicycle rental are available. For those interested in the eco-concept, the staff of Rumah Turi is happy to educate guests about the importance of eco-friendliness.

restaurant Rumah Turi eco hotel Solo

What to do in Solo?

The city of Solo is often seen as the center of Javanese tradition, having a distinguishing cultural heritage as it used to be a seat of the great Mataram empire. It is a great place to see traditional performing arts and crafts, especially batik. At Pasar Klewer you will find hundreds of stalls selling these fabrics. The oldest part of the city is located in the southeast where you can visit the Kraton Kasunanan.

Kraton Kasunanan Solo
Kraton Kasunanan – Source

Outside of the city some of the most impressive temples of Indonesia can be found, such as the Prambanan complex which is about 45 km from Solo’s center. On the boarder of Central and East Java lies Gunung Lawu, one of the holiest mountains in Java with Hindu temples, the most famous being Candi Sukuh, visited by thousands of pilgrims yearly. To the west side of Gunung Lawu, the Grojogan Sewu Tawangmangu waterfall and its surrounding natural scenery can be visited.

Grogojan Sewu Tawangmangu waterfall
Grogojan Sewu Tawangmangu waterfall – Source

How to get there?
There are regular flights to and from Jakarta with Garuda, Sriwijaya Air or Lion Air. From Yogyakarta you can come by car, bus or taxi (60 km).

Prices start at Rp. 300,000/night.

Rumah Turi
Jl. Srigading II no. 12
Turisari Solo 57139

Central Java

You can also book one of these other hotels in Solo while contributing to indonesian  charities:
Ibis Solo
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Solo Paragon Hotel & Residence
Novotel Solo

Kelimutu Crater Lakes Ecolodge

Kelimutu Crater Lakes Ecolodge in Flores

ECO Green LOGO for Eco Lodges

Discover Flores from this Ecolodge

The island of Flores has many intact natural riches to offer, but a must-see are the volcanic craters of mount Kelimutu. And what is a better way to do this than by staying at the Kelimutu Crater Lakes Ecolodge? This unique eco-stay has a great view of Kelimutu and is located in a chill place near the city of Ende. The Kelimutu Ecolodge belongs to the group ‘Ecolodges Indonesia’ which has five ecolodges all over the archipelago.

Kelimutu Crater Lakes Ecolodge

The accommodation helps conserve the immediate area so that you will be surrounded by tropical greenery with rich flora and fauna. The environmental friendly stay makes use of solar power, and water from the river is recycled to irrigate the garden and purified for drinking water.

Facilities and direct surrounding

Kelimutu Crater Lakes Ecolodge is equipped with 11 rooms with an outside hot water shower and balcony, a restaurant and bar serving Indonesian, local and western meals. This peaceful place within the mountains and near the river is a good option to rest after a day of hiking or other adventurous activities.

Room Kelimutu Crater Lakes Ecolodge

The nearby village of Moni is only a 15 minute walk away alongside rice fields, where you can observe a traditional chief’s house, visit local ikat weavers and a waterfall. At many other villages as well on Flores, the traditional houses with their unique architecture and woodcarvings can be observed, a result of the preserved ancient tribal cultures.

Traditional house Wologai village Flores
Traditional houses of Wologai village, Ende – Source

Exquisite landscapes

Flores’ cultural heritage is complemented by its unique and varied landscape, with Kelimutu volcano being one of the most extraordinary phenomena on the island. This 1600 m high volcano contains three lakes which can change colour throughout the year and are believed to be the resting place of departed souls.

Kelimutu crater lakes
Kelimutu crater lakes – Source

The volcano is part of Mount Kelimutu National Park which also protects different endemic and endangered animal species. Leave early in the morning to have the most spectacular view of the lakes and the environment at sunrise. Kelimutu Ecolodge organises tours to the volcano as well as other tours showing you ikat weaving, local villages or the town of Ende. From the Ecolodge to Kelimutu National Park it is a 20 minute drive. Also worth a visit is Penggajawa Beach on the southern coast. This artificial-looking yet natural beach is filled with round, blue-coloured pebble stones on black sand.

Penggajawa beach Flores
Penggajawa Beach – Source

How to get there?
You can take the plane either from Denpasar (Bali) or Labuan Bajo (Flores) to Ende. There are regular flights with Garuda and Wings Air. The distance from Ende to Kelimutu Crater Lakes Ecolodge is only 15 km. The Ecolodge provides airport shuttle service.

Prices start from Rp. 700,000 per night

Kelimutu Crater Lakes Ecolodge
Jl. Danau Kelimutu, Ende 86312


Namaste bungalows Nusa Penida

Namaste Bungalows, a good opportunity to go to Nusa Penida

Don’t go to Bali, just take the boat and get on Nusa Penida…

With a name like this, you may easily find peace, serenity and tranquility. Well one thing we can say about Nusa Penida is that there are not many hotels on this island, located southeast of Bali, some kilometers from Sanur. Though close to its neighbour island which forms a highly popular destination for tourists all over the world, Nusa Penida is the opposite of Bali. At least in the sense of tourism development, leading to beautiful unspoiled lands and beaches. Nusa Penida is much more rustic and quiet than Bali, perfect for the traveller who wants to relax in a peaceful environment.

Namaste Bungalows garden view Nusa Penida

Find serenity at this bungalow resort

At Namaste Bungalows you will certainly find your rest, because this quality accommodation is located far from crowded cities, in between tropical gardens and overlooking the valley and the sea. You can also relax by the swimming pool and have a meal at their cozy-looking restaurant. The resort has 10 wooden bungalows, designed to create a rustic ambiance, yet with a comfortable bed, AC in the deluxe rooms and a modern bathroom with hot water.

Superior Namaste bungalows Nusa Penida
Superior room
refurbished bungalow #4 in Namaste bungalow nusa penida
Newly refurbished bungalow

Both deluxe and superior room have their own terrace. The resort gives an idyllic impression, with roofs made of alang-alang (reed) and furniture made of recycled wood. Other facilities include getting a traditional massage, games for kids and free wifi in the restaurant and lobby.

Restaurant Namaste bungalows Nusa Penida

What to do on Nusa Penida?

There are plenty of things to do on Nusa Penida and Namaste Bungalows is happy to help you organize some activities. Only one kilometer from the bungalows lies Crystal Bay, named after its crystal-clear water. A perfect snorkeling and diving spot with white sand beaches.

Crystal Bay Nusa Penida
Crystal Bay – Source

The island is a good place for all kinds of water activities and because of its relatively small size, you can easily make a scooter tour around the island in a day. Namaste Bungalows provides scooter rental and snorkeling sets. The cultural tourist is also in the right place, as Nusa Penida has many traditional villages and is home to some of the most important Hindu temples. The original Nusa Penida dance, Baris Jangkang, can be observed and the local market at Sampalan on the north coast is a good place to experience traditional culture and shop for fresh food or silk sarongs.

pool Namaste bungalows Nusa Penida
Pool of Namaste Bungalows

How to get there?
From Sanur, Bali it is only a 45 minute ride by speed boat (about Rp. 100,000) or a 90 minute ride by jukung, the traditional fishing boat (about Rp. 40,000). Another option is to take a ferry from Padangbai, Bali, which will take about one hour (Rp. 30,000). From the port Toya Pakeh where the boats arrive, it is only 6 km to Namaste Bungalows.

Superior room in high season: Rp. 450,000/night including breakfast for 2 persons.
Deluxe room in high season: Rp. 600,000/night including breakfast for 2 persons.

Namaste Bungalows
Jalan Raya Sakti, Sakti
Nusa Penida


4 Pohon ecolodge Flores

4 Pohon Eco-Lodge In Flores

ECO Green LOGO for Eco Lodges

Travelling off the beaten track

Flores is a flourishing destination for tourists who seek a largely untouched place not yet discovered by mass tourism. Opportunities to have a comfortable stay in unique accommodations are increasing on the island. One of those accommodations is 4 Pohon, located in the northwest center of Flores. This is a truly remote place, far away from big cities and Indomarets. But 4 Pohon will make your stay very special and give you the opportunity to explore the island which has a lot to offer. Entering the 4 Pohon compound, you will encounter four great tamarind trees after which the lodge is named, as well as green fields with fruit trees and colourful wooden houses, surrounded by hills. The village-like compound is located in the middle of a preserved natural area, inviting you to take adventurous hikes or other tours.

4 Pohon Ecolodge Flores
Lodges of 4 Pohon

Why is 4 Pohon eco-friendly?

4 Pohon has many features that make this place truly an eco-destination. First, it is a very remote place in the middle of unharmed, preserved nature. In any direction you go you will find green landscapes, and it is located nearby a river. Second, the lodges are entirely made of wood, with local handmade and Javanese teak furniture. Solar power is used for electricity and water from the river is distributed to the houses. Besides, 4 Pohon makes use of a carbon filter and UV filter to clean the water. If you like to know more about how eco-friendly an accommodation is, have a look at these questions.

drone view 4 Pohon Flores Eco Lodge daylight
Drone View of the Eco-Lodge – Courtesy 4Pohon Facebook

Untouched nature and traditional cultures

Flores’ varied landscape gives you varied choices for activities, such as diving, snorkeling, volcano hiking or kayaking in the river. Besides, Flores has a rich culture and many traditional villages who still practice ancestral beliefs, mixed with Catholicism. Because of this you will encounter churches and animist statues side by side, and you can attend a religious procession or traditional dance.

Religious procession Flores
Religious procession

The area around 4 Pohon has plenty of hidden gems for you to explore, either by car, motorcycle, boat or by foot. Riung, which is worth a visit, is about 25 km away from 4 Pohon and its coast forms a national conservation area called Pulau Tujuhbelas, or ‘Seventeen Islands’. Apart from the beautiful coral reefs, you can spot exotic species here, like monkeys, marsupials and the Timor monitor lizard. Also not far from 4 Pohon, in Pota, is a unique, centuries-old lake called Danau Rana Tonjong, which is the second largest lotus lake in the world.

Danau Rana Tonjong Flores
Danau Rana Tonjong – Source
Danau Rana Tonjong Flores
The lotus flowers blossom every year in April and May – Source


Crater above city of Bajawa Flores
Crater above the city of Bajawa


kayaking on river Flores
Kayaking in the river

How to get there?
There are different ways to get to Flores. However, there are no direct flights from Jakarta to Flores. You can fly from Denpasar (Bali) to the west coast harbor of Labuanbajo with Garuda, Trans Nusa and Wings Air. To Ende, on the south coast, you can take Pelita, Trans Nusa and Wings Air. 4 Pohon offers a transfer service from these places to the lodges:
From Ende to 4 Pohon: Rp. 1,200,000 (150 km)
From Labuanbajo to 4 Pohon: Rp. 2,000,000 (260 km)

The price for a bungalow for two people in high season is Rp. 350,000, breakfast included.

Have a look at our Eco Lodges directory in Indonesia, to discover more Eco Stays and Untouched places.

4 Pohon Eco Lodge
Golo Lijun, Elar, East Manggarai Regency

Alila hotel Solo

Alila Hotel to be opened soon in Solo

Skyscraper hotel in the heart of Solo

In October 2015 a new Alila hotel will be opened in the city of Solo, also known as Surakarta. The 5-star hotel will be one of a kind in Solo, as it takes the form of a 27-storey high skyscraper which aims to become one of the biggest event centres in the city. Alila Solo provides more than enough amenities for the business traveller, but is a good place to stay for the leisure tourist as well, as Solo has a lot of cultural riches to offer. The hotel is located on a convenient place in the city, right at Solo’s main commercial avenue, Jalan Slamet Riyadi, and only a 15-minute drive from Adi Sumarmo International Airport. Many of the city’s main attractions are easily reachable within a 15-minutes drive.

Alila hotel Solo skyscraper

Solo’s attractions

Solo has the nickname ‘Spirit of Java’ and is known as the cultural and historical centre of the island. The arts and cultures that have developed include Javanese dances, literature, clothing and architecture and many of the historical influences can still be seen today.

Restaurant Alila hotel Solo
Alila’s restaurant

At the traditional market Pasar Gede unique architecture can be observed, while at Pasar Klewer you can shop for various kinds of batik. Pay a visit to the two keraton (palaces), Kasunanan Surakarta and Istana Mangkunegaran located in the old city, or attend a wayang kulit performance. If you’re looking for a place to have a snack and coffee, Kopitiam Oey cafe, in a stylish old colonial-era villa, is well worth dropping by.

panoramic view of Jalan Slamet Riyadi in front of Alila Hotel Solo
Street in front of Alila Solo

Hotel facilities

Alila hotel Solo is a grandiose project, providing 255 rooms that range from 40 sq. meter (Deluxe and Executive Room) to 90 sq. meter (Alila Suite), and even a Presidential Suite of 200 sq. meter. The rooms are designed in a modern style with a subtle Javanese influence.

Deluxe room Alila hotel Solo
Deluxe room

Besides, the hotel is equipped with an exclusive rooftop lounge and restaurant, two ballrooms that can together accommodate 3,500 guests and fifteen meeting and boardrooms simulating a modern business centre. Sufficient leisure amenities are available as well, such as a large swimming pool and sun deck, Spa Alila, Gym Alila and a children’s pool and club.

alila solo swimming pool

How to get there?
From and to Jakarta you can take Garuda, Sriwijaya Air or Lion Air. From Yogyakarta you can come by car, bus or taxi (60 km).

Alila Hotel Solo
Jalan Slamet Riyadi No.562

You can also book these other hotels in Solo on ISTANIA and contribute to local charities:
- Solo Paragon Hotel & Residence
- Aston Solo
- Novotel Solo
- Ibis Solo

Book with us ISTANIA 0811 811 8441

Restaurant view Jungle Retreat Hotel Ubud

Jungle Retreat Ubud by Kupu Kupu Barong

Book Jungle Retreat Ubud withlogo ISTANIA and Baseline 300

A peaceful stay at the Jungle Retreat Hotel

If you like to escape from the hustle and bustle of Bali’s more crowded places, the Jungle Retreat Hotel in Ubud is a good option. This place is surrounded by tropical forest and offers many amenities to ensure you a romantic and relaxing time. Located outside of the city center in the village of Kedewatan, at Jungle Retreat you overlook the jungle, can relax by the rooftop pool, rest at the gazebo or get a treatment at the spa.

Restaurant La View Jungle Retreat Hotel Ubud
La View Restaurant

The luxury hotel is perfect for a romantic getaway, but is a great place to stay with families as well. Just have a look at the different kinds of suites and see which one fits you best. The design of the rooms reflects the Javanese and Balinese architecture and wood-carving art, creating a natural ambiance. You don’t have to worry about any shortcomings, as the hotel is plentiful of modern facilities.

Suites and facilities

At Jungle Retreat you can choose between 39 Deluxe Suites, 8 Pool View Suites and 2 Garden Pool Villas. The Deluxe Suites have a great view over the jungle, while the Pool View Suites are located just a couple of steps from the main swimming pool. At the more remote Garden Pool Villa you have your own private pool and rooms to get a spa treatment.

Deluxe Suite Jungle Retreat Ubud
Deluxe Suite

Besides, at Jungle Retreat every guest has access to the Spa by L’OCCITANE where you can receive a traditional Balinese massage, participate in yoga sessions, or use the fitness room to optimize your well-being. For dinner, there is something to suit every taste, as Jungle Retreat has three restaurants with different cuisines, from Indonesian to Western to Japanese. While having your dinner, enjoy a Balinese dance or the spectacular view over the forests.

What to do in the surrounding

If you choose to explore the surroundings of Jungle Retreat, the hotel can help you organise some interesting activities. The varied options offer something fun for everybody. Go rafting, take a Balinese cooking class, go on an elephant safari or rent a bike to tour through the landscape. The hotel also offers a free shuttle service to Ubud center, which is less than a 30 minutes drive. Ubud is well-known as the cultural center of Bali where you can shop for hand-crafted souvenirs, visit the art museum Puri Lukisan, attend different Balinese dance performances and roam around the Sacred Monkey Forest.

Swimming pool Jungle Retreat Hotel Ubud
Swimming Pool

How to get there ?From Ngurah Rai Airport to Jungle Retreat:The hotel offers an airport transfer, which will take 45 minutes to Ubud depending on traffic. Kedewatan village is located a few kilometers north of Ubud center.

Deluxe Suite starting from Rp. 2,500,000 (Breakfast included).

Book with ISTANIA

Jungle Retreat Hotel Ubud by Kupu Kupu Barong
Jalan Raya Kedewatan Kedewatan,
Bali 80571

Kupu Kupu Barong is located just 20 meters away from Jungle Retreat.

double bedroom amaris hotel simpang lima semarang

Amaris Simpang Lima Semarang, Dekat Mana-mana

Rupanya, Grup Amaris gatal juga ingin menjajal ketatnya persaingan penginapan berbintang di Kawasan Simpang Lima. Per 18 Maret 2015, Santika Indonesia Hotels & Resorts dan PT Amara Primatiga resmi meluncurkan Hotel Amaris kedua di Semarang.

Hotel amaris simpang lima exterior building at night

Dengan desain minimalis, Amaris mencoba menghadirkan pengalaman menginap yang bersih dan sederhana untuk Anda. Tarif kamarnya pun menurut saya ekonomis. Asalkan Anda tidak menginap ketika peak season.

Lokasi yang Strategis

Meski tidak sebesar “saudaranya” di Kawasan Pemuda, lokasi Amaris Simpang Lima jauh lebih strategis. Tepat di jantung kota. Anda akan mudah menjangkaunya.

Reception di Amaris Hotel simpang lima semarang

Amaris Simpang Lima hanya setengah jam dari Bandara Internasional Achmad Yani. Tentu saja kalau lalu lintasnya tidak sedang macet parah. Ke Stasiun Tawang atau Poncol cukup berkendara selama 15 menit. Begitu pula bila Anda ingin pergi ke Terminal Terboyo.

Fasilitas dan Pelayanan

Pelayanan staf hangat dan menyenangkan. Ramah dan sangat membantu. Kerja mereka juga cepat dan tangkas.

Amaris menyediakan 73 Smart Rooms, ruang @Xpres, dan ruang meeting. Di setiap kamar, ada wi-fi, TV LED, dan safe deposit box. Cukup lengkap untuk ukuran hotel berbintang dua. Meskipun saya tidak pernah tahu kenapa disebut Smart Room alias kamar pintar. Karena terus terang, menurut saya, kamarnya biasa-biasa saja.

smart twin room amaris hotel simpang lima semarang
Kamar Smart 425,000 Rp per night

Keramaian di Sekitar

Simpang Lima, salah satu ikon Ibukota Jawa Tengah, terletak tidak sampai 500 meter dari hotel. Jika suntuk di kamar, cobalah menyapa penduduk di alun-alun ini. Anda juga bisa berbelanja di Mal Citraland, atau mengisi perut di salah satu warung yang berjajar. Hanya, pesan saya, siapkan uang receh yang banyak. Setiap lima menit, mungkin akan ada pengamen, asongan atau pengemis yang mengganggu Anda.

Mencari makanan khas Semarang? Masuklah Istana Oleh-oleh. Bandeng presto, wingko, lunpia, roti ganjel rel, tahu bakso, semua saya temukan di sini. Atau di Jalan Pandanaran. Anda cukup 15 menit berjalan kaki dari hotel untuk mencapai Malioboronya Semarang itu. Jangan lupa sekalian mengunjungi Lawang Sewu, Museum Mandala Bakti, dan Tugu Muda. Lokasinya hanya dua kilometer ke arah barat.

Sebenarnya, masih banyak lagi tempat yang bisa dijujuk dari hotel ini. Apalagi, taksi pun berlalu lalang tanpa henti di depannya. Seperti yang saya bilang tadi, lokasi Amaris Simpang Lima ini sangat strategis.

Book Now with ISTANIA : Smart Room 425,000 Rp Nett

Amaris Hotel Simpang Lima
Jalan KH. Ahmad Dahlan Nomor 33, Semarang
More Info: (021) 95454487 

NB: Saya merekomendasikan hotel-hotel ini juga di Semarang.

silahkan hubungi kami

 Book Amaris Simpang Lima Semarang: 021 9545 4487

Twin double bed room in Jungle retreat by Kupu Kupu

Jungle Retreat Ubud by Kupu Kupu Barong

Book Jungle Retreat withlogo ISTANIA and Baseline 300

Mencecap Suasana Surgawi di Hotel Jungle Retreat Bali

Cobalah hotel ini kalau berencana ke Bali. Alam pedesaan Ubud yang tenteram, ditambah pemandangan alami hutan, akan membuat Anda merasakan kemewahan sekaligus ketenangan di sini. Bayangkan asyiknya menginap di tengah hutan.

Deluxe Suite double bed in Jungle retreat by Kupu Kupu
Deluxe Suite

Jangan khawatir. Lokasi penginapan berbintang empat ini tidak terlalu pelosok hutan. Jadi, Anda tak perlu sampai memikirkan binatang buas, tak ada sinyal, atau sulitnya akses ke pusat keramaian.

Fasilitas Penginapan di Jungle Retreat

Lounge, bar, internet, semuanya ada. Sama dengan hotel-hotel lain. Tapi Jungle Retreat hanya memiliki 39 kamar Deluxe Suites, delapan kamar Pool View Suites, dan dua kamar Garden Pool Villa. Kamar-kamar itu hadir berkelas dengan corak perabotan serta gaya arsitektur Jawa dan Bali yang klasik.

Tamiang Restaurant view at night in Jungle retreat
Tamiang Restaurant

Di rooftop B, ada Restoran Tamiang yang siap menjamu Anda dengan masakan tradisional Indonesia. Rumah makan ini buka mulai pukul 8.00-23.00. Lalu di rooftop A, Anda bisa menjajal menu-menu tradisional Jepang ala Oishi Tei. Restoran ini buka mulai pukul 2.30 dini hari sampai 22.00.

kolam renang di Jungle retreat Ubud by Kupu Kupu barong
Kolam Renang

Ingin masakan ala Asia Tenggara atau Prancis? Mampirlah ke Rumah Makan La View yang terletak agak terpisah. Sebenarnya, ini bukan restoran asli milik Jungle Retreat. Hanya, kebetulan berada dalam satu managemen dengan Kupu-kupu Barong. Sehingga, tamu hotel pun berhak mengaksesnya. Termasuk juga perawatan tubuh Mango Tree Spa by L’Occitane.

Fasilitas kebugaran yang dimiliki Hotel Jungle Retreat sendiri bernama Wana Spa. Di sana, Anda bisa memanjakan diri dengan berbagai treatment mewah. Mau berolahraga? Fitness center tersedia 24 jam.

Apa Hal Unik yang Bisa Dilakukan di Hotel Jungle Retreat?

Anda dapat makan malam romantis di salah satu restoran, menyewa sepeda untuk berolahraga sekaligus berjalan-jalan ke sekitar, belajar tari Bali, ikut kelas memasak masakan Bali, kelas yoga, rafting, atau bersafari dengan gajah. Anda bahkan bisa menggelar meeting atau acara di tengah hutan (namun tetap berfasilitas bintang empat).

Deluxe Suite double bedroom in Jungle retreat by Kupu Kupu Barong
Deluxe Suite

Sewaktu-waktu, Anda pun bisa keluar hotel untuk mencari suasana lain. Misalnya, mengunjungi Gaya Art Space yang hanya berjarak sekitar 1,8 kilometer dari hotel, Konsulat Spanyol yang berjarak 2,1 kilometer, Museum Seni Neka yang berjarak 2,6 kilometer, atau Museum Antonio Blanco yang berjarak 2,7 kilometer.

Pendeknya, hotel ini saya rekomendasikan untuk keluarga yang ingin berlibur dengan tenang. Suasana surgawinya, percayalah, takkan Anda lupakan sekembalinya nanti.

Hotel Jungle Retreat Ubud by Kupu Kupu Barong
Jl. Raya Kedewatan
Kedewatan, Ubud
Bali 80571

Book Jungle Retreat withlogo ISTANIA and Baseline 300

Anda juga mungkin menyukai hotel berikut di Ubud:
- Alaya Ubud
Hanging Gardens Ubud
 Komaneka at Bisma
 The Samaya Ubud