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alila seminyak swimming pool blond girl

21 reasons to stay in Alila Seminyak, Bali

We all know Alila is a renowned Indonesian luxury hotel chain. Alila means surprise in Sanskrit, that’s most likely your reaction when you will stay in this resort. They already have beautiful properties in Bali like Alila Manggis, Alila Villas Uluwatu or Alila Ubud. They are also exporting Indonesian hospitality in India, Oman and China.

They opened in late 2015 a 240-room beach resort in Seminyak with outdoor pools, a beach bar, a fitness center, a spa and many other facilities. The location is very central, right next to Potato Head beach club, in the heart of Seminyak. You also have a direct access to the beach from the hotel. Here are 21 reasons why you should stay in this luxury resort in Bali.

1. It all starts with this
swimming pool alila seminyak filtered

2. And this…
swimming pool alila seminyak blue sky

when you book Alila seminyak banner

3. The hotel was designed with a wood-friendly eco-spirit mind
exterior wood facade alila hotel smeinyak

4. They have friendly waiters
friendly waiter cocktail

5. The swimming pool is quite awesome
swimming pool palm trees

6. You don’t see the end of it
outdoor swimming pool alila seminyak frontbeach

7. It is really hard to tell…
alila seminyak swimming pool blond girl

8. You have direct access to the beach
direct access to the beach

9. You are never really far from the ocean
beach bar in front of ocean waitress

10. You can stay in a suite
alila seminyak suite interior ocean view

11. With a funky bathroom !
bathroom suite

12. Or you can stay in a deluxe room
deluxe room with terrace alila seminyak

13. You can hear the ocean from your room
terrace with ocean view alila

14. You can chill at the beach bar
beach bar alila seminyak bali

15. And enjoy refreshing cocktails
cocktails at the beach bar

16. You can dine at the restaurant
food alila seminyak restaurant

17. You have many dining options
restaurant terrace alila seminyak

18. Some of them are quite unique…
chef cooking in front of the ocean

19. You can enjoy spa treatments there too
spa entrance

20. You can watch the sunset
sunset alila seminyak bali

21. People usually like it here
sunset at the bar alila

All pictures from Instagram / Alila

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watu karung beach landscape with gazebo

Watu Karung beach homestay and hotel guide 2016 (Pacitan, East Java)

Watu Karung beach (Pantai Watu karung) is an incredible surf spot and breathtaking ocean beach shore. It is located on the Java island, approximately 3 hours by car from Yogyakarta. It is quite famous among advanced surfers as many international pro surfers come here to ride those incredible waves.

fish boat on the beach pacitan

The place is majestic as you can see some big ocean waves crashing into rocks. Some people say there is a rock that looks like a woman’s head with long hair. Among the many other beaches in Pacitan like Klayar beach or Buyutan beach, Watu Karung is not the busiest but I think it is the most preserved and the most beautiful of all beaches in Pacitan. The area is quite popular among locals from South East Java and the southern part of central Java.

watu karung beach rocks pacitan

watu karung beach wide

surfer in watu karung pacitan

Famous pro surf break and live coral reef

Don’t go there to learn how to surf ! This is an advanced surfer spot : the rocks, the live coral, the strong current and the big waves make it dangerous for a beginner. If you’re not a surfer, you can watch many of them from the beach.

surfers walk through ricefield in pacitan

aerial view watu karung beach daylight

This beach has also an incredible live coral reef and I really hope this will be preserved in the near future as further touristic developments or intense local fishing could alter it. The beach itself is also very clean, which can also be quite unusual for an Indonesian touristic place. I would recommend some water shoes if you intend to swim there as there are many rocks along the shore: it can be difficult to swim there.

I went there to spend a peaceful long week end and I am going to tell you the best places to stay and enjoy what many people call the Javanese paradise.

Since it is a very remote area, I am going to show you the exact location first so you can have a clear idea of where this paradise is located:

The best option to reach Watu Karung beach is by car from Yogyakarta (3 hours ride) or from Solo city (3 hours ride too). The road will get narrow and winding at the end but still good. Don’t worry, the trip is totally worth it ! There is an entrance fee of 5,000 rp per person and an additional 5,000 rp per car.

watu karung rocks in the sea

sand in watu karung beach


This used to be the only option available in this remote place. There are many home stays, with different standing and different locations closer to the beach but this is definitely the cheapest option, especially if you are staying there for a long surfing trip, like many foreigners do.

Pasir Putih Homestay: The place is located less than a minute away from the beach so the location is very good. There is a small terrace and the room has a proper size.

Edy’s Hometay: An other good home stay with reasonable price. It is not located totally close to the beach but the price are relatively cheap.
Address: Jln.watukarung Pacitan Km.2
Watukarung, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia 6055

Sack stone homestay: This Home stay is located 150 meters away from the beach and is quite clean. Most of the rooms have terrace too and there is a common area to watch TV. The host of the place are very friendly.

surfing pacitan homestay
eHomestay Surfing Pacitan (Made’s house): 
This accomodation has a great location, close to the beach but in a more remote area, 5 minutes by car from all the previous homestays. The price is US$ 10 per day and they have discounted prices if you stay 1 week.

Watukarung Prapto Homestay : This friendly stay has 4 rooms : 2 double bed and 2 twin beds. The price is 200,000 rp per night. It has a good location near the beachwalk.

Other Homestays and Joglo available in the area:
- Childhouse Beach resort:
- Jungle Homestay

gazebo view watu karung beach

Luxury Hotels and resort

If a home stay is not for you, then you should consider those 2 options. There are currently no accommodation with a medium range standard. So the 2 choices I am featuring below are more on the upper range (individual bungalows in a resort-like hotel).

swimming pool istana ombak watu karung
Istana Ombak’s swimming pool
istana ombak beach front villa interior
Villa interior

Istana Ombak EcoResort: This hotel is located along the beachwalk of Watu Karung. It is easily recognizable with its nice rock walls and the swimming pool. They offer individual bungalows or hut (20 square meters) with AC, relatively close to each other. It is the closest you can be from the beach. The price is quite high and the hotel mostly have foreigners.
FYI: Istana Ombak means The wave Palace :-)

Book ISTANA Ombak

swimming pool desa limasan
Desa Limasan swimming pool

Desa Limasan: The other luxury resort of Watu karung located 2 minutes away from the previous one. This one is also an individual bungalow/Joglo resort with a swimming pool but there is way more space between each bungalow.

desa kecil small joglo house desa limasan
Joglo house at Desa Limasan

Food in Watu karung : Warungs & Restaurants

Watukarung is a perfect spot to eat seafood, especially fresh fish that you can eat grilled in one of the warungs located along the beachwalk. It is also a great place to enjoy a fresh coconut, straight from the coconut tree and many other fresh fruits. There are no western restaurants so far in Watu Karung, but you will find many warungs that cook for you fresh seafood for a reasonable price (50,000 rp per person for 1 meal).

grilled fish ready to eat pacitan watu karung
Grilled fish
lobster from the ocean
Maybe you would prefer to eat grilled lobster ?

Top things to do in Watukarong beach

1. Watch the sunset and enjoy the white-sand beach
2. Eat fresh grilled fish
3. Drink fresh coconut water
4. Surfing or bodyboard
5. Snorkeling

Other gorgeous ocean beaches in Pacitan you must see

1. Pantai Klayar (the closest from Pacitan city and thus the most crowded beach in Pacitan)
2. Pantai Buyutan
3. Pantai Banyu Tibo
4. Pancer Door beach
5. Teleng Ria beach
6. Srau beach (pantai Srau)
7. Pidakan beach
8. Soge beach
9. Taman beach (pantai taman)

sunset in watu karung pacitan
Beatiful sunset
resting time with ocean view pacitan
Perfect spot to rest

 Tourist activities to do in Pacitan

1. Gong cave or “Goa gong” (30km west of Pacitan city)
2. Tabuhan cave or “Goa Tabuhan”
2. Pelabuhan Tamperan (harbour)
3. Museum Geopark in Pacitan city (Pancer Door beach)
4. Kediaman bapak SBY (residence of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, former president of Indonesia)
5. Sungai maron (the brown river)
6. Luweng Jaran & Luweng Ombo

daftar hotel bintang lima di surabaya

Daftar Hotel Bintang 5 Terbaik di Surabaya Menurut Travelers

Bersama Bali dan Jakarta, Surabaya merupakah salah satu kota di Indonesia yang mempunyai deretan hotel bintang lima yang mewah. Nama-nama seperti Hotel Majapahit, Shangri-La, Sheraton dan JW Marriot merupakan hotel bintang lima yang sudah cukup terkenal di Surabaya maupun di Indonesia.

Selain deretan hotel-hotel berbintang tersebut, sebenarnya masih banyak hotel-hotel di Surabaya yang juga mempunyai fasilitas serta service bintang lima. Ada hotel yang relatif baru seperti Hotel Ciputra World, Pullman Surabaya City Centre dan Ascott Waterplace Surabaya yang siap mendobrak dominasi hotel berbintang lima sebelumnya.

Sekarang kami akan memberikan daftar hotel bintang 5 terbaik di Surabaya menurut travelers menurut tripadvisor.

1. Hotel Majapahit
majapahit surabaya

Tidak ada yang meragukan kapasitas Hotel Majapahit sebagai salah satu hotel terbaik di Surabaya dan bahkan di Indonesia. Sebagai salah satu hotel tertua di Indonesia, Hotel Majapahit ini lebih menonjolkan sisi historis dan keunikan bangunan yang masih sama ketika didirikan pada tahun 1910. Nama Hotel Majapahit dulunya adalah Hotel Oranje, yang kemudian ketika penjajahan Jepang diganti dengan nama Hotel Yamato. Hotel Majapahit ini tenar dengan kisah heroik arek-arek Suroboyo yang merobek bendera Belanda pada tahun 1945.

Hotel Majapahit ini mempunyai bangunan yang sangat etnic. Mulai dari lobi hotel, ballroom, sampai kamar hotel semua dibikin dengan interior seperti jaman kolonial. Hal yang menarik ketika Anda menginap di Hotel Majapahit adalah Anda bisa belajar sejarah sembari menikmati fasilitas hotel berbintang ini.

2. Bumi Surabaya City Resort
bumi surabaya

Hotel ini dulunya bernama hotel Hyatt Regency, tetapi sejak tahun 2008 berubah nama menjadi Bumi Surabaya City Resort atau banyak yang menyebut dengan Hotel Bumi. Berada di Jl. Jend. Basuki Rakhmat, Hotel Bumi menjadi salah satu hotel berbintang yang ada di pusat kota Surabaya. Tamu dan pengunjung hotel akan dengan mudah menjangkau pusat perbelanjaan ataupun perkantoran yang ada di sekitar Hotel Bumi Surabaya.

Hotel Bumi ini memiliki 242 kamar dengan fasilitas berbintang sangat menarik. Hotel Bumi Surabaya ini memiliki tema budaya Jawa. Ketika Anda berada di taman di depan lobby, Anda akan mendengar musik-musik khas daerah Jawa Timur. Selain itu, Anda bisa menikmati makanan khas Jawa Timur yang rasanya enak di lidah.

3. Shangri-La Hotel Surabaya
shangrila surabaya swimming pool

Mungkin Anda sudah familiar dengan nama Shangri-La. Hotel yang mempunyai jaringan sangat luas di dunia ini juga hadir di Surabaya. Shangri-La Hotel ini lebih mengarah ke western luxury hotel. Mulai dari desain taman hotel, lobby, sampai kamar hotel semuanya mempunyai tema western. Desain kamar hotel yang mewah juga menjadi salah satu andalan dari Shangri-La Hotel. Beberapa kali Shangri-La Hotel mendapatkan award menjadi salah satu hotel berbintang terbaik di Indonesia. Untuk Anda yang berbisnis dan sedang berkunjung di Surabaya, Anda harus mencoba meeting room di Shangri-La Hotel. Meeting room di Shangri-La ini salah satu yang terbaik di Indonesia.

4. JW Marriott Hotel Surabaya
jw marriott surabaya

Hampir sama dengan Shangri-La Hotel, JW Marriot adalah salah satu franchise hotel terkenal di dunia. JW Marriot Hotel Surabaya ini sudah cukup lama memasuki pasar Surabaya, sejak tahun 90an JW Marriott menjadi salah satu hotel bintang lima terbaik di Surabaya. JW Marriott selain menyajikan fasilitas dan pelayanan bintang lima, ada beberapa restoran yang patut Anda coba. Ada Pavilion Restaurant, Tang Palace Chinese Restaurant, Imari Japanese Restaurant dan Vis a Vis French Restaurant yang memiliki cita rasa internasional.

5. Sheraton Surabaya Hotel & Towers
sheraton surabaya

Saya pernah berkunjung beberapa kali ke Sheraton Surabaya Hotel & Towers. Mereka akhir-akhir ini sedang menonjolkan hotel yang eco-friendly. Mereka mencoba mengurangi penggunaan listrik, air dan kertas yang dikeluarkan oleh hotel setiap harinya. Hotel Sheraton ini mempunyai ranking yang cukup tinggi untuk kategori “green” hotel.

Sheraton Surabaya ini lokasinya berdampingan dengan pusat perbelanjaan paling terkenal di Surabaya, yaitu Tunjungan Plaza. Jadi, menginap di Hotel Sheraton dapat menjadi salah alternatif untuk rekreasi bersama keluarga.

6. Hotel Ciputra World
ciputra surabaya

Dibuka pada akhir 2014 kemarin, Hotel Ciputra World ini langsung menjadi hotel bintang lima terbaik pilihan para traveler. Hotel Ciputra World ini bertempat di Jl. Mayjend Sungkono dan satu wilayah dengan Mall Ciputra World. Hotel Ciputra World ini mempunyai lobby di lantai 8, jadi Anda harus naik dulu ke lantai 8 untuk masuk ke lobi. Tapi, di lantai paling dasar Anda bisa langsung menuju mall Ciputra World.

Hotel Ciputra World ini hampir sama dengan JW Marriot yang lebih ke arah western. Beberapa fasilitas luxury seperti lobi hotel, kamar dan meeting room yang patut Anda coba, karena fasilitasnya semua masih baru.

7. Pullman Surabaya City Centre
pullman surabaya

Hotel bintang terbaik di Surabaya pilihan traveler nomor 7 adalah Pullman Surabaya City Centre. Hotel yang berada di Jl. Jend. Basuki Rakhmat ini cukup eye cathing karena bangunan gedung yang menjulang di pusat kota Surabaya. Pullman Surabaya ini lebih menonjolkan ke service yang memuaskan. Beberapa fasilitas yang diberikan memang sama dengan hotel berbintang lain, tetapi Pullman Surabaya akan memberikan pengalaman tersendiri dengan pelayanan staff dan manajemen hotel yang sangat ramah. Pullman Surabaya adalah bisa menjadi salah satu pilihan Anda hotel berbintang di pusat kota Surabaya.

Sudah menentukan pilihan untuk menginap di salah satu hotel berbintang lima di Surabaya?

istania customer service

ascott waterplace surabaya book now

Ascott Waterplace Surabaya, Hotel Bintang Lima Di Kawasan Selatan Surabaya

Jika dulu Anda jalan-jalan di daerah selatan Surabaya, Anda mungkin hanya melihat rumput yang gersang, lahan tandus, dan rumah penduduk saja. Sekarang, Surabaya bagian selatan sudah menjadi “pusat” kedua kota Surabaya. Bangunan seperti rumah sakit, perkantoran, pusat perbelanjaan, apartemen, dan hotel-hotel mewah sudah hadir di daerah selatan Surabaya ini.

ascott surabaya exterior daylight
Ascott Surabaya

Pada awal 2015 kemarin, di Surabaya Selatan telah dibuka hotel bintang lima yaitu Ascott Waterplace Surabaya. Kok namanya hampir mirip dengan apartemen Waterplace? Karena memang Ascott Waterplace ini satu wilayah dengan apartemen Waterplace. Walaupun belum pernah nyobain langsung Ascott Waterplace Surabaya, tapi kita akan bagi apa aja sih yang ada di hotel baru tersebut.

Fasilitas dapur di dalam kamar hotel

Sebagai hotel bintang lima, Ascott Waterplace mempunyai fasilitas yang sangat lengkap. Mulai dari ruang tamu kamar hotel yang lengkap dengan sofa, TV flat-screen dengan DVD player, dan self-controlling air conditioner. Untuk kamar tidur juga sudah disertai dengan lemari pakaian, meja kerja, dan loker pribadi. Untuk kamar mandi tersedia fasilitas bathtub, shower dengan air panas atau dingin, dan disertai hairdryer.

ascott surabaya outside by the pool

Lalu yang menarik adalah fasilitas dari dapur. Ascott Waterplace ini menyediakan kulkas, kompor elektrik, microwave, dan beberapa peralatan dapur lainnya. Ini adalah hal yang sangat unik karena fasilitas dapur ini tidak banyak ada di hotel berbintang.

ascott waterplace surabaya kitchen
Kitchen in the apartment

Kamar hotel yang sangat besar

Ascott Waterplace ini menyediakan 182 kamar di 33 lantai. Jenis kamarnya ada One Bedroom Deluxe, One Bedroom Executive, Two Bedroom Deluxe, Two Bedroom Executive, dan One Bedroom Penthouse. Paling menarik dari kamar di Ascott Waterplace adalah ukurannya yang sangat besar. Kamar Deluxe mempunyai luas 46 meter persegi, sangat luas untuk anak Anda yang suka bermain/berlari-lari di dalam kamar hotel. Sedangkan untuk kamar Penthouse, ukurannya lebih gila lagi yaitu 112 meter persegi.

ascott waterplace surabaya interior room

Fasilitas premium

Mungkin ini yang membedakan Ascott Waterplace Surabaya dengan hotel lain. Selain dapur yang ada di kamar hotel, beberapa fasilitas premium juga tersedia di hotel ini. Seperti area BBQ, children playroom, dan fasilitas gym yang sangat lengkap. Internet dengan kecepatan tinggi bisa juga di akses di seluruh ruangan hotel.

Ascott Waterplace juga menyediakan 2 kolam renang outdoor yang cukup besar. Jangan khawatir untuk anak Anda yang tidak bisa berenang, ada kolam renang khusus anak-anak yang tidak terlalu dalam. Lalu Anda juga bisa menikmati sauna dan kamar uap/spa. Sangat cocok ketika Anda memilih menginap di hotel ini untuk rekreasi bersama keluarga.

Tempat sangat strategis dan hanya 45 menit dari Bandara

Walaupun terletak di Surabaya selatan, lokasi Ascott Waterplace ini cukup terjangkau. Ketika Anda datang dari bandara Juanda Surabaya, Anda hanya membutuhkan perjalanan 45 menit untuk menuju Ascott Waterplace. Selain itu, di depan hotel persis terdapat pusat perbelanjaan Pakuwon Trade Center (PTC). Jadi, untuk makan Anda tidak perlu pusing, karena hanya beberapa langkah di depan hotel sudah terdapat mall yang menyediakan beberapa pilihan makanan.

Jika Anda bosan dengan PTC, Anda bisa mengunjungi Ciputra World yang berjarak sekitar 5 km dari hotel. Ada lagi Surabaya Town Square yang hanya berjarak 6 km. Hiburan lainnya adalah Ciputra Waterpark, salah satu wahana Waterpark terbesar di Surabaya yang berjarak sekitar 4.5 km dari hotel.

Pelayanan hotel kelas bintang lima tetap ditonjolkan oleh manajemen Ascott Waterplace Surabaya. Mereka mempunyai standar yang khusus agar tamu yang menginap puas dengan fasilitas yang disediakan. Mulai dari breakfast, kebersihan hotel, laundry, dan dry cleaning. Staff dan pelayanan dari Ascott Waterplace sangat memuaskan, sangat friendly kepada pengunjung atau tamu hotel.

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Ascott Waterplace Surabaya
Tower D 1 Jalan Pakuwon Indah Lontar Timur kav. 3-5,
Dukhu Pakis, Surabaya, Indonesia 
Namaste bungalows Nusa Penida

Namaste Bungalows, a good opportunity to go to Nusa Penida

Don’t go to Bali, just take the boat and get on Nusa Penida…

With a name like this, you may easily find peace, serenity and tranquility. Well one thing we can say about Nusa Penida is that there are not many hotels on this island, located southeast of Bali, some kilometers from Sanur. Though close to its neighbour island which forms a highly popular destination for tourists all over the world, Nusa Penida is the opposite of Bali. At least in the sense of tourism development, leading to beautiful unspoiled lands and beaches. Nusa Penida is much more rustic and quiet than Bali, perfect for the traveller who wants to relax in a peaceful environment.

Namaste Bungalows garden view Nusa Penida

Find serenity at this bungalow resort

At Namaste Bungalows you will certainly find your rest, because this quality accommodation is located far from crowded cities, in between tropical gardens and overlooking the valley and the sea. You can also relax by the swimming pool and have a meal at their cozy-looking restaurant. The resort has 10 wooden bungalows, designed to create a rustic ambiance, yet with a comfortable bed, AC in the deluxe rooms and a modern bathroom with hot water.

Superior Namaste bungalows Nusa Penida
Superior room
refurbished bungalow #4 in Namaste bungalow nusa penida
Newly refurbished bungalow

Both deluxe and superior room have their own terrace. The resort gives an idyllic impression, with roofs made of alang-alang (reed) and furniture made of recycled wood. Other facilities include getting a traditional massage, games for kids and free wifi in the restaurant and lobby.

Restaurant Namaste bungalows Nusa Penida

What to do on Nusa Penida?

There are plenty of things to do on Nusa Penida and Namaste Bungalows is happy to help you organize some activities. Only one kilometer from the bungalows lies Crystal Bay, named after its crystal-clear water. A perfect snorkeling and diving spot with white sand beaches.

Crystal Bay Nusa Penida
Crystal Bay – Source

The island is a good place for all kinds of water activities and because of its relatively small size, you can easily make a scooter tour around the island in a day. Namaste Bungalows provides scooter rental and snorkeling sets. The cultural tourist is also in the right place, as Nusa Penida has many traditional villages and is home to some of the most important Hindu temples. The original Nusa Penida dance, Baris Jangkang, can be observed and the local market at Sampalan on the north coast is a good place to experience traditional culture and shop for fresh food or silk sarongs.

pool Namaste bungalows Nusa Penida
Pool of Namaste Bungalows

How to get there?
From Sanur, Bali it is only a 45 minute ride by speed boat (about Rp. 100,000) or a 90 minute ride by jukung, the traditional fishing boat (about Rp. 40,000). Another option is to take a ferry from Padangbai, Bali, which will take about one hour (Rp. 30,000). From the port Toya Pakeh where the boats arrive, it is only 6 km to Namaste Bungalows.

Superior room in high season: Rp. 450,000/night including breakfast for 2 persons.
Deluxe room in high season: Rp. 600,000/night including breakfast for 2 persons.

Namaste Bungalows
Jalan Raya Sakti, Sakti
Nusa Penida


puri dajuma ecolodge aerial view edited with text and logo

The Best Eco Stays and Eco Lodges around Bali

While staying in a Eco Lodge you can enjoy a relaxing holiday and make your contribution to sustainable tourism at the same time.

You have an impressive choice of Hotels in Bali, from budget to Luxury, from Kuta to Lovina and beyond… So you won’t have any problems to find an accommodation while staying on the island of Gods. But what if you want to stay in a more preserved area. What if you want enjoy your leisure time in an Eco stay or Eco-Lodge ?

This is a rising trend in Bali : traveling for a purpose. You want to travel more responsibly, get to know the local culture and minimize your impact on the environment: Eco-Tourism is made for you ! In Bali, the “capital” of Eco-Tourism is Ubud, this is the place where you will find many eco-tourism projects and initiatives. By the way, what exactly is an Eco-lodge ?

The only thing you need to know here is whether you want to be in the mountains or near the beach… Staying in a Eco Lodge or a Green Hotel is a good way to travel sustainably in Indonesia. It is a way to connect with nature, meet the locals and discover places unknown. Here is a list of the Top Eco Stay and Eco Villages in Bali: Green and Luscious.

1. Lovina Dolphin Ecolodge (North Bali)
Lovina dolphin ecolodge wood bungalows and swimming poolBeach/Price Range: $$$

2. Puri Lumbung Cottages in Munduk Village (North Bali)puri lumbung eco friendly cottagesMountain/Price Range: $$$$

3. Saribuana Ecolodge (Central Bali)Saribuana ecolodge Bali Yoga placeMountain/Price Range: $$$$

4. Bali Ecostay Bali Eco stay bungalow in green environmentMountain/Price Range: $$$$

5. Puri Dajuma Cottages in West Balipuri dajuma cottage in West BaliBeach/Price Range: $$$$

6. Bali Ecovillage, near KintamaniBali ecovillage wood bungalows in KintamaniMountain/Price Range: $$$$

7. Swasti Eco Cottages, Ubudswasti eco cottages restaurant and organic gardenMountain/Price Range: $$$$$

8. Kali Manik Eco Resort (North Bali)Kali Manik Eco resort wood bungalow exterior daylightBeach/Price Range: $$$$

9. Surya Shanti Villa (East Bali)surya shanti villas swimming pool in front of ricefieldsMountain/Price Range: $$$$$

10. Desa Seni Village Resort in Canggu (near Seminyak)desa seni wood bungalows at daylight in cangguBeach/Price Range: $$$$$

If you want to discover other incredible Eco-Lodges in Indonesia, have a look at our pick of the Top Eco-Lodges and Green Hotels.

What about Nusa Penida ?

Namaste Bungalows

namaste wood bungalows in nusa penidaBeach/ Price Range: $$$

exterior facade hotel

Grand Tjokro Jakarta Barat, Daan Mogot

Book Now Grand Tjokro Jakarta withlogo ISTANIA and Baseline 300

The Grand Tjokro Jakarta Barat is a recently rebranded Hotel, located in Daan Mogot. It belongs to the KAGUM brand (Serela Hotels, Zodiak, Gino Feruci and Amaroossa among others). The hotel has a great location with easy access to the toll road if you want reach the airport (Noth) or the city’s CBD and South. Soekarno-Hatta Airport is only a 15 minutes ride from the Hotel. The Hotel features amazing amenities like a fitness center and a swimming pool.

logo Grand Tjokro Hotels by Kagum

Restaurants in the Hotel: Tjokro Restaurant and Batik Lounge

restaurant di Grand Tjokro hotel

Attractions in the area:
- Mall Taman Anggrek
- Mall Ciputra
- Grogol
- Universitas Trisakti

Price for the Double Superior Room (with breakfast for 2 people): 700,000 Rp Nett / night

Have a look at other Hotels in the area:
- Pullman Jakarta Central Park (5-star)
- Hotel Ciputra Jakarta (4-star)

Other Grand Tjokro properties in Indonesia:
- Grand Tjokro Pekanbaru (Sumatra)
- Grand Tjokro Klaten (Yogyakarta)
- Grand Tjokro Yogyakarta ( Jl. Gejayan No. 37)

Grand Tjokro Jakarta
Jl. Daan Mogot No.63
Jakarta Barat
                                       Book Now Grand Tjokro Jakarta withlogo ISTANIA and Baseline 300
pagang island near rimba ecolodge

Rimba Project (Ecolodge & Association) in Bungus (Padang, West Sumatra)

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Rimba Ecolodge in West Sumatra is a truly integrated ecoproject. It involves pretty much all aspects of what an ecolodge is as we described it in this article. First of all, this ecolodge is located in a very remote area, quite isolated actually. From Padang airport door-to-door, it will take you 2h30 of transportation (see details below). If you want spend some time alone, this place is for you !

While in Rimba, you will stay in wood bungalows, right next to the beach (no AC in the bungalows). Everything here is in harmony with the nature and do not intend to have a negative impact on the environment. Thie Eco-Lodge is linked to a charity : each time you stay in Rimba you actually contribute to the charity helping the children of Sungai Pisang and Sungai Pinang to go to school.

Live like Robinson Crusoe !

Activities to do:
- Sharks, monkeys and turtles watching
- Waterfall trekking
- Snorkeling & sunbathing

aerial view of Rimba ecolodge - picture by Marc Aubry
Aerial View of Rimba Eco-Lodge – Courtesy Marc Aubry

How to get there:
- Take the plane to Padang (from Jakarta, Batam or Medan with LionAir, Citilink, Garuda Indonesia or Sriwijaya)
- Take the car from Padang airport to Bungus (1h15 by car)
- Take the boat from Bungus to Rimba (1 hour)

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Rimba Ecolodge
Muaro Duo Beach, Sungai Pisang
Bungus – West Sumatra, Indonesia
Rimba Facebook page
swimming pool villa bintan

The Sanchaya Resort in Lagoi Bay (Pulau Bintan near Batam)

If you live in Singapore and want to enjoy a luxury week end getaway, you can try this 5-star property. It is a good option if you already went to Batam which is located right next to Bintan. Lagoi Bay is very busy

This is brand new beach resort with guest houses and villas, it really looks like a billionaire’s retreat, an excellent place to relax with a colonial style decoration.

How to get there (from Singapour or Indonesia)
- Take the Ferry from Singapour with the Bintan Resort Ferries (45 minutes by sea)
- Take the plane from Jakarta to Batam (with companies like Citilink, Lionair or Sriwijaya or Garuda Indonesia) then take the regular speed boat to Bintan

The plus of this accommodation: if you take the ferry from Singapore, you will receive a warm welcome at the Sanchaya Lounge in the ferry terminal. That will definitely ease your trip and make it quicker.

Other properties on Bintan island:
- Nirwana Resort Hotel (4-star)
- Bintan Lagoon resort (4-star)
- Angsana Bintan (5-star)
- Aston T. Pinang Hotel & Conference Centre (4-star)
- Mayang Sari Beach Resort (4-star)
- Banyan Tree Bintan  (5-star)
- Nirwana Beach Club (2-star)
- Bintan Laggon Villa

The Sanchaya (Bintan island)
Jalan Gurindam Duabelas,
Plot 5, 29155 Lagoi,

Book with us ISTANIA 0811 811 8441
Lounge Hotel

Best Western Premier The Bellevue Jakarta (Pondok Indah)

Book Best Western Pondok Indah withlogo ISTANIA and Baseline 300

Best Western hotels chain is already well established in Jakarta with addresses in Serpong, East Jakarta, Mega Kuningan, Pluit, Mangga Dua and Kemayoran. This property features 156 rooms and suites in a very prestigious address in Pondok Indah. The Hotel is located 5 minutes walking distance from Pondok Indah Mall PIM1 and PIM 2). What we like about this hotel, besides its great location close to TB Simatupang, is that you can enjoy some time by the swimming pool.

The Soekarno-Hatta airport is located 30 km away, which is approximately a 45 min ride by Taxi (depending on traffic). The Hotel provides airport shuttle.

Deluxe Room with Double bed
Kamar Deluxe

The Bellevue Radio Dalam is located in the elite residential area located of Pondok Indah, also surrounded by the popular upper middle class public facilities like Pondok Indah Mall 1, 2, and 3, Rumah Sakit Pondok Indah (RSPI), offices, Jakarta International School , and others. The Best Western Bellevue is equipped with facilities such as indoor swimming pool, fitness center, spa, cafe, business center, restaurant, pool, garden and florist.

Amenities of the Hotel:
- Bhuvana Spa Luxe, a chic and elegant spa located on the same floor as the swimming pool
- Indoor Swimming pool with city view of South Jakarta
- Coffee Shop
- Bar & Lounge
- Gym

Book Now with ISTANIA:
- Superior Room : 940,000 Rp Nett (Breakfast included)
- Deluxe Room: 1,030,000 Rp Nett (Breakfast included)
- Junior Suite: 1,250,000 Rp Nett (Breakfast included)

Other Luxury Hotels in the area:
- Veranda Hotel Pakubuwono
-  The 101 Jakarta Darmawangsa

Best Western Premier The Bellevue Address
Jl. H. Nawi No.1 Radio Dalam,
Jakarta Selatan 12420

Book Best Western Pondok Indah withlogo ISTANIA and Baseline 300