5-sos-concert-jakarta-2015 konser

5 Seconds of Summer Siap Konser di ICE Tangerang

Pada 5 Maret 2016, panggung hiburan Indonesia akan menghangat dengan hadirnya band yang sedang hot dari Australia: 5 Seconds Of Summer (5SOS). Band pop punk ini akan tampil dalam rangkaian tur “Sounds Live Feels Lives” di Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE), BSD City, Tangerang. 5 Seconds Of Summer? Barangkali generasi lama kurang familiar dengan nama itu. Namun, penggemar musik ’90-an ke atas bisa jadi jejeritan mendengar lagu She Looks So Perfect, Hey Everybody, dan Amnesia yang mereka bawakan.

5-sos-concert-jakarta-2015 konser

Band yang digawangi oleh Luke Hemmings (vokal), Michael Clifford (gitar), Calum Hood (bas), dan Ashton Irwin (drum) ini begitu menjanjikan. Meskipun baru terbentuk pada 2011, penghargaan mereka sudah puluhan. Mulai dari MTV Video Music Awards, Teen Choice Awards, sampai American Music Awards.

ICE BSD exhibition hall exterior at niight

Karakter cuek, penampilan tengil, 5 Seconds Of Summer benar-benar mewakili generasi muda. Apalagi, mereka juga dibesarkan melalui media sosial YouTube. Dulu sebelum terkenal, mereka rajin mengunggah video-video ketika mereka membawakan lagu-lagu dari band lain. Dari sana, penggemar kelompok musik yang mendapat pengaruh dari Blink-182, Green Day, dan Boys Like Girls ini mulai banyak. 5SOS pun semakin dikenal dunia saat One Direction menggamit mereka di “Take Me Home Tour” pada 2013 silam.

ice bsd aerial view by night

Tidak hanya menjual tampang, 5 Seconds Of Summer juga menggebrak dunia dengan musikalitas yang mumpuni. Punk, tapi tergolong easy listening. Cari saja kanal YouTube 5SOS. Mungkin Anda akan langsung jatuh hati. Dan kalau pada Maret 2016 Anda sedang tidak ada acara, tak ada salahnya untuk turut menyaksikan konser “Sounds Live Feels Lives” ini.


Pihak promotor bahkan akan menyediakan 500 tiket khusus untuk menyaksikan langsung ketika 5SOS melakukan check sound. Ini kesempatan yang unik, jangan sampai terlewat. Segera buru tiketnya sebelum kehabisan. Dan jika Anda ingin sekaligus bertetirah melepas penat, kami sarankan sekalian mem-booking hotel terdekat dari gedung konser:

  • Santika Premiere ICE BSD (tarif……). Dari hotel ini, Anda bisa berjalan kaki menuju gedung konser.
  • Santika BSD City Serpong (tarif mulai dari 565.000 per malam, termasuk sarapan)
  • Atria Hotel & Conference Gading Serpong (mulai 735.000 per malam, termasuk sarapan)
  • Famehotel Gading Serpong (mulai 331.000 per malam)
  • Atria Residences Gading Serpong (mulai Rp 861.000 per malam, termasuk sarapan)
  • Santika Premiere Bintaro (mulai Rp 875.000 per malam, termasuk sarapan)
    Paragon Biz Hotel (mulai Rp 394.000 per malam, termasuk sarapan)
  • ARA Hotel Gading Serpong (mulai Rp 440.000 per malam)
  • Mercure Serpong Alam Sutera (mulai Rp 1.046.000 per malam, termasuk sarapan)

Saran kami, selepas dari konser “Sounds Live Feels Lives” dari 5 Seconds Of Summer ini, silakan melanjutkan trip ke tempat-tempat wisata di Tangerang yang pastinya sangat menarik. Bagaimana?

istania customer service

View on Banda Neira

Diving in Banda (Maluku): A Guide To Dive Companies And Accommodation

One of the world’s most stunning diving spots

The Banda Islands are a pristine (eco)destination in eastern Indonesia, still unknown to many tourists but certainly worth a visit. The Banda Islands are part of Maluku province and consist of 11 islands, of which 7 are inhabited. Its virginity and peacefulness, together with its rich marine life make this archipelago a great place for scuba diving and other ecotourism activities. Besides, Banda has an interesting history as it was the only place in the world until the mid-19th century where nutmeg could be found, leading to Dutch and British colonial powers fighting over the islands. Hence the historical and cultural heritage can still be observed today, in the form of numerous colonial homes, forts and cannons randomly lying around in the grass.

View on Banda Neira

Banda Neira is the main island with the town of the same name as the administrative center. On this island, all four dive centers and accommodations are located. However, the coasts of Banda Neira are not the most impressive diving spots, one has to go to the outer islands of Banda for that, such as the stunning Pulau Hatta, eastern Banda Besar or Pulau Air.

Banda underwater world

You will encounter crystal-clear seas here with colourful coral gardens and an extraordinary rich reef life consisting of more than 300 hard coral species and 500 fish species. The diving centers from Banda Neira can take you there by boat in 20-45 minutes. It is suited for both beginners and professional divers, and certificates can be obtained. Diving rates range from Rp. 400,000 – 450,000.

Which dive centers are there in Banda?

Dive Bluemotion is one of the dive centers on the west coast of Banda Neira. It is a more premium dive operation with new, professional gear and good speedboats. They offer access to more than 30 dive sites in Banda. Dive trips with at least two dives include towel, lunch, drinking water, coffee and tea. Dive Bluemotion is attached to Hotel Laguna, a building with 7 newly renovated rooms. It has a great view across the bay and to Gunung Api. An Air-conditioned room for two persons costs Rp. 250,000 – 300,000 including breakfast. A big family room for four persons is Rp. 400,000 including breakfast.

Dive bluemotion

Sea Ventures has options for diving trips as well, but is not your usual dive company. They are an organization that aims to involve tourists in their marine conservation projects and educate them about the local ecosystems. It is a form of voluntourism where volunteers can participate in reef and species monitoring led by a marine biologist which in turn helps Sea Ventures’ activities to restore coral reefs. They offer different expeditions, from one day to four weeks which give you the opportunity to explore the underwater world, obtain an eco-diver certification and even participate in their scientific research projects.

Sea Ventures reef monitoring
Reef monitoring

Expedition rates range from US$150 (1 day expedition including lunch, snacks, coffee and tea) to US$600 (5 day expedition including accommodation, breakfast and lunch) to US$900 (2 weeks including accommodation, breakfast and lunch) and US$250 for every additional week. It is a great way to contribute to the conservation of Banda and get to know the islands and marine life through and through.

Banda Sea Hobbit has only recently started operating earlier this year and has diving locations in Pulau Pisang, Pulau Karaka, Pulau Lava Flow and more. They are locally owned and mostly receive domestic tourists, mainly from Jakarta. They are located on the coast near Dive Bluemotion but do not have an attached accommodation.

Naira Dive is an Indonesian owned diving operation offering experienced and certified dive guides and visiting all the principal dive sites of the archipelago using speedboats and longboats. They can also arrange snorkelling trips. The company is and expanded business of Likes Tour and Travel which is involved in ecotourism activities in Seram (Central Maluku) and Raja Ampat (West Papua). Naira Dive aims to increase the income of the Bandanese and educate them about local ecosystems. Naira Dive has its own guesthouse with view on the Gunung Api.

Naira Dive Resort, Banda
Naira Dive Resort

Where else to stay in Banda Neira?

Although the number of tourists to Banda is increasing, it is still a quiet and authentic place where daily life goes on as usual. There are no hotels owned by outsiders, only locally owned guesthouses and simple resorts which means all revenues will stay on the island. With the growing arrivals of tourists, the number of accommodations has increased as well so you’ll have plenty of choice for your trip to Banda. Keep in mind that hot water is not available in most places.

Cilu Bintang Estate is a new accommodation on Banda Neira and is arguably the best choice on the island. It is a lovely furnished old colonial building across the Belgica Fort with rooms equipped with carved beds, AC and a well-equipped bathroom. The restaurant provides a la carte lunch and a dinner buffet with tasty local delicacies. There are 5 standards room, 4 luxury rooms and 1 suite, starting from Rp. 300,000.

Cilu Bintang Estate in Banda

Mutiara Guesthouse has the same owner as Cilu Bintang Estate and is nicely decorated with clean rooms that have AC or fan. It is surrounded by nutmeg gardens and has a famous restaurant. Tours and activities can be arranged. Rp. 200,000 for a double room with AC, including breakfast.

Mutiara room garden view, Banda

Vita Guesthouse is a small guesthouse located on the seaside facing Gunung Api. There is a waterfront palm garden and 7 rooms with wooden furniture and western-style toilets. There is no restaurant, but breakfast and afternoon tea are served. Snorkelling tours can be arranged. Room prices start from Rp. 140,000 including breakfast.

Vita guesthouse Banda

Delfika 1 is a historical building with a lush garden and koi pond. A restaurant is located in the garden and the rooms have either fan or AC. A laundry service is available as well. It is located in the city center and within walking distance to the dive centers. Rp. 150,000 for a room with fan including breakfast and Rp. 175,000 for a room with AC including breakfast.

Guesthouse Delfika 1 Banda

Delfika 2 is newer than Delfika 1 and is a 2-storey building located on the harbour front. Some rooms have a balcony from where you can see the boats coming and going. There is no restaurant, but you can make use of their fridge and stove. Room rates from Rp. 200,000 to 250,000.

Guesthouse Delfika 2 Banda

Maulana is a family-owned hotel in a colonial-style building located in the harbour. Once an esteemed hotel which has hosted guests like Mick Jagger, Lady Di and international politicians, the place has probably had its day. Not much effort is made to maintain the hotel nowadays which is a shame because the location is great with the top floors having spectacular views on Gunung Api and the air-conditioned rooms are spacious. The newer rooms cost Rp. 475,000 including breakfast.

Maulana hotel Banda

What to do besides diving?

Banda’s turbulent history has left some interesting things behind on the islands, the main attraction being the well-preserved Fort Belgica on Banda Neira.

Fort Belgica, Banda

The ruins of the older Fort Nassau can be found below Belgica. The recently renovated Old Church with Dutch tombstones inside constitutes a fascinating colonial building. Other historical sights include and old Chinese temple, Istana Mini (former residence of the head of the VOC), Banda prison and Banda’s museum Rumah Budaya. Banda is also the place where two important people from Indonesian history were sent into exile, namely vice president Hatta and prime minister Syahir. Their residences can still be visited today. Gunung Api can also be climbed in 1,5 – 2 hours, although the steep slopes make it a difficult climb.

How to get there?

Getting to Banda might be a bit tricky, as the transportation schedule to the island by plane or by boat often changes and is very dependent on weather circumstances. Monsoon seasons are in January, June and July and at this time most dive centers are also closed. Banda Neira can be reached from Ambon by plane in 40 minutes with Susi Air, which flies every Monday and Wednesday, and every first, third and fifth Friday of the month at 7am, returning at 9am. Pelni ships regularly travel from Ambon to Banda in about 8 hours, which costs Rp. 112,000 for economy class. A new fast ferry has started operating as well, the Express Bahari 2B which leaves from Tulehu (Pulau Ambon) at 9am on Monday and Friday, returning at the same time on Tuesday and Saturday. It takes 6 hours to reach Banda Neira and costs Rp. 300,000.

Turtle Banda islands

welcome to Jakarta sign soekarno hatta airport

Jakarta Airport hotels: make the most of your stopover time

Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, also called Cengkareng (CGK) after the subdistrict, is the main airport of Indonesia and the 9th busiest of the world. Over the past 15 years, the yearly number of passengers at the airport has increased immensely, which is why a massive expansion of the three terminals is currently in progress. Besides the domestic airlines which fly from Jakarta to destinations all over Indonesia, many international airlines fly to Jakarta, such as Air Asia, Emirates, Etihad Airways, KLM, Japan Airlines, Malaysia Airlines and Turkish Airlines. Jakarta Airport is a major hub for transfers to other popular destinations in the country, and after a long and tiring flight, the last thing you want to do is waste time searching around for a good place to stay.

Browsing the web for a hotel near Jakarta Airport can be difficult and tiring. Besides, the information provided is often inaccurate. That is why we went on site to check out the hotels and their location ourselves, so we know which one is the best, the closest or the cleanest. We provide you with this complete Jakarta Airport Hotel Guide so that you can easily choose the best hotel near the airport and don’t have to get bored while you wait for your next flight.

Making Jakarta airport easier banner

Hotels on the Terminal zone : You cannot be closer !

If your first priority is to be as close to the terminals as possible, you have a choice between the following accommodations.

Sheraton Bandara
This hotel is a resort-style 5-star accommodation in the terminal zone, which only takes 5 minutes to reach from the airport by car. Its surrounding tropical gardens and lakes will make you forget that you are residing in the big city. Special short stay rates are available for a maximum stay of 6 hours between 9:00am to 6:00 pm. Sheraton has extensive facilities, from swimming pool and whirl pool to sauna, spa and fitness center. There is plenty to do at the hotel, which also has a children’s playground, table tennis, pool table, aerobic classes, salsa dance classes and volley ball.

Sheraton Bandara pool

Sheraton Bandara room

The 225 spacious rooms include deluxe (36 sqm) and three types of suites from 72 – 144 sqm. The deluxe rooms are equipped with AC, desk, minibar, TV, safe, combined shower/bathtub, hairdryer, coffee/tea maker, ironing board, wifi and complimentary bottled water. Some deluxe rooms also have a private balcony. There are different restaurants and bars, including the Bumbu restaurant with a pool view which serves international and Indonesian cuisine. The hotel also has a tour desk, luggage storage, laundry service, free parking and a barber/beauty shop. Keep in mind that this hotel is relatively old (built 1996) and some renovations may be needed.
Check Rates with ISTANIA
- Deluxe: starting from Rp. 1,726,000 Nett including breakfast.
- Deluxe short stay: starting from Rp. 1,360,000 ++

D’prima Hotel – Terminal 1/A
D’prima is a new hotel, built this year, and located in terminal 1A in the arrival zone. It’s a great option if you have a short stopover or an early morning flight. The hotel has 21 standard (14 sqm) and superior (16 sqm) rooms which have no windows, but are equipped with AC, desk, TV, safe, wifi, coffee/tea maker and complimentary bottled water.

D'prima hotel Jakarta airport

Dprima hotel Jakarta airport lobby

The standard room can only accommodate one person, while the superior room can accommodate two. Services include express check-in/check-out and a coffee shop. A simple breakfast is served which consists of a roti bun and a cup of coffee.
- Standard: Rp. 568,000 nett including breakfast
- Superior: Rp. 726,000 nett including breakfast

Jakarta Airport Hotel (Managed by Topotels) – Terminal 2/E
This hotel is located on the upper floor of terminal 2 and provides standard accommodation convenient for a transit period. You can enter the hotel through the meeting point (midpoint) of terminal 2E. However, the hotel is currently closed for renovation until the end of October 2015. If you are planning to stay here after October, the hotel has 82 rooms equipped with sound proofing, TV, safe, AC, wifi, coffee/tea maker, complimentary bottled water and telephone. Deluxe and suite rooms also have a minibar.

Jakarta airport hotel superior room
Superior Room

Other facilities at the hotel include Jet Lounge Bar, restaurant with Indonesian and Asian cuisine, spa lounge for massages and treatments, and business center. From the bar and restaurant you can see the planes landing and taking off. Jakarta Airport Hotel offers special short stay rates for a 3 – 6 hours stayover.
- Superior day use: USD 115 nett
- Superior overnight: USD 170 nett including breakfast
- Deluxe day use: USD 127 nett
- Deluxe overnight: USD 181 nett including breakfast

Airport Hub: Hotel zone located on the main road heading to the Airport (2 km from the Terminal)

Note: “Airport Hub” is the name of the recently opened mall (September 2015). You can find 2 hotels directly adjacent to this mall: Zest Hotel (budget) and Swiss-Belhotel (4*). Prepare your hotel booking with us :

These hotels are all located in the same area which is closest to the airport after the terminal zone. All the following hotels provide free airport shuttle which can take from 10 up to 20 minutes. The hotels range from budget to mid-scale and the average rate for one night is about Rp. 500,000. There are no special rates available for a short stay (a couple of hours without staying overnight) at the hotel, you will have to pay the full price.

Zest Hotel
Zest Hotel is a new budget hotel that has only been open for 4 months. The best thing about the hotel is probably that it is connected to a newly built mall called Airport Hub, with restaurants like D’cost and KFC, coffeeshops like Starbucks, J.Co and Kopi Oey, and a Guardian pharmacy. You have direct access from the mall to the hotel.

Zest Jakarta airport lobby

Zest hotel standard room Jakarta airport

196 standard rooms of 18 sqm are equipped with TV, safe, telephone, wifi access, AC, and free drinking water. The hotel’s facilities include a restaurant, 24 hour front desk, free parking, free wifi in public areas, laundry, and luggage storage.
Rate: Rp. 440,000 nett including breakfast.

Swiss-Belhotel Airport (adjacent to mall)

swiss belhotel jakarta airport exterior facade

gym on the rooftop
Gym by the rooftop swimming-pool
rooftop swimming pool at swiss belhotel jakarta airport
Rooftop Swimming-pool

swiss belhotel restaurant jakarta airport

This is a brand new 4-star hotel, along with the “airport hub” mall and the Zest Hotel. This accommodation has much more facilities than the budget hotels located in that zone. Staying here is a good choice if you have some layover time but you don’t dare to go to the city, because of the traffic. Enjoy the gym, the restaurant and unique rooftop swimming-pool overlooking Jakarta’s massive and busy toll road.

Price per night : 650,000 Rp nett (Superior room)

Swiss-Belinn is one of the mid-scale hotels in the area with a modern, stylish design and a wellness and fitness center inside the hotel. 136 superior rooms (20 sqm), 6 deluxe rooms (22 sqm) and 3 suites (40 sqm) are available, all with free wifi, AC, telephone, minibar, tea/coffee maker and TV.

Superior room Swiss-Belinn Jakarta Airport
Superior Room

Restaurant Swiss-Belinn Jakarta Airport

Other services of the hotel include in-room dining, bar, restaurant, lounge, spa, laundry service and luggage storage. Swiss-Belinn is, however, not within walking distance to the Airport Hub mall.
Check Rates with ISTANIA
- Superior Rp. 542,000 nett including breakfast
- Deluxe Rp. 738,000 nett including breakfast

Amaris Hotel
The Amaris Hotel is located next to Zest Hotel and the Airport Hub, so you can easily reach the mall. Right next to the hotel is the Roda Padati Restaurant. Amaris offers 118 standard rooms with a simple breakfast, TV, safe, wifi, tea/coffee maker and hairdryer.

Room Amaris Jakarta airport

Besides, there is a laundry service, luggage storage and newspaper stand.
Check Rates with ISTANIA
Rp. 550,000 nett including breakfast

The Orchardz Hotel is located next to Amaris and has stylish Superior (21.6 sqm) and Deluxe (33 sqm) rooms. They are equipped with a safe, AC, TV, coffee/tea maker, fridge and wifi. At the Ritz Café, open until midnight, breakfast and Asian and Indonesian dishes are served.

Orchardz Jakarta airport front desk

Orchardz Jakarta airport deluxe room
Deluxe Room

Besides, Orchardz Hotel has a spa with whirlpool, steam and sauna. Massages can be requested to your room. Other amenities include a luggage storage, laundry service and a lounge/TV room.
- Superior Rp. 495,000 nett including breakfast
- Deluxe Rp. 575,000 nett including breakfast

Ibis Styles
Ibis Styles is a mid-scale hotel with a great design, and one of the few which has a swimming pool.

Ibis Styles Jakarta Airport lobby

251 superior rooms (19 sqm), deluxe rooms (22 sqm) and suites (29 sqm) are all equipped with the new comfortable Ibis bedding, fridge, AC, telephone, hairdryer, safe, coffee/tea maker, TV, wifi, closet and a sofa bed.

Ibis Styles Jakarta airport standard room
Superior Room

Ibis Styles Jakarta airport pool

Next to the 24-hour opened swimming pool is the restaurant and guests can get a drink at the lobby bar, work out in the fitness room or unwind in the wellness and spa center. Laundry service and luggage storage are also available.
- Superior Rp. 520,000 nett including breakfast
- Deluxe Rp. 641,000 nett including breakfast
- Suite Rp. 762,000 nett including breakfast

Ibis Budget – We found the cheapest hotel in the Airport zone!
Ibis Budget is right next to Ibis Styles and is a cheaper and simpler alternative. This is the cheapest option in the Airport Zone. 186 standard rooms with wifi, AC, minibar, TV, and free bottled water are available.

Ibis Budget Jakarta airport room

Guests can have their breakfast in the hotel’s restaurant and coffee or tea in the lobby. Besides, there is a computer station, free parking and guests can make use of the spa in Ibis Styles.
Rate: Rp. 375,000 nett including breakfast

POP! Hotel
POP! Hotel is another budget hotel and a good option if you only want to stay shortly at the hotel and don’t need many amenities. The colourful rooms are equipped with a desk, TV, complimentary bottled water, safe, AC, and in-room breakfast and dining.

POP! Hotel Jakarta airport room

POP! Hotel offers free parking, luggage storage and laundry service and free wifi is available in the public areas.
Check Rates with ISTANIA
Rp. 388,000 nett excluding breakfast

Huswah Transit Hotel
Huswah Transit Hotel is located about 500 meter from the Airport Hub mall, in between Zest and Swiss-Belinn and has a big supermarket opposite. However, we would not recommend this hotel unless there are no other options in the area, since it is an old, not well-maintained hotel which overall gets bad reviews. The 36 rooms are equipped with AC, desk, TV, shower (no hot water), and complimentary drinking water.

Huswah Transit hotel Jakarta airport

There is also a laundry service and luggage storage available, a lounge/TV room and a garden. Guests can have breakfast at the hotel, and for lunch and dinner there are many warungs in the surrounding area.
Rate: Rp. 337,000 nett

Other side of the road

At the same distance to the airport, but on the other side of the road, there are some hotels as well. Although just a few km from the airport, these hotels are located in a busy neighbourhood where traffic is often jammed. Because of this, it will generally take you longer to get to the airport than from the hotels mentioned above. Take into consideration a 20-30 minutes drive.

FM7 Hotel
This is an up-scale 4-star hotel which will cost you a little more than the above mentioned hotels but which certainly has value for money. The rooms are bigger (23 sqm for Superior and 40 sqm for Deluxe) and the hotel is a resort-like accommodation with many modern facilities, including an indoor swimming pool and whirl pool with pool  bar, business center, karaoke, fitness, and wellness center. So if you got a lot of time to kill and like to do this at your hotel, FM7 is the best choice. The 356 rooms include superior, deluxe, deluxe plus, premier, premier pool view and junior suite.

FM7 Jakarta airport deluxe room
Deluxe Room

They are equipped with TV, safe, wifi, hairdryer, coffee/tea maker, minibar and AC. The hotel has other amenities as well to prevent you from getting bored, such as a sports bar with pool table, sauna, salon and drugstore. Other services include luggage storage, laundry service and restaurant with broad choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

FM7 Jakarta airport restaurant

- Superior: Rp. 690,000 nett including breakfast
- Deluxe: Rp. 890,000 nett including breakfast
- Premier pool view: Rp. 1,390,000 including breakfast
- Junior Suite: Rp. 1,790,000 nett including breakfast

J Hotel
J Hotel lies in the same neighbourhood as FM7 Hotel and is a more affordable option. Keep in mind that it is located alongside a busy road where peace and quiet might be difficult to find. The hotel has a restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner with a choice of Indonesian and western dishes, but right outside the hotel many street food vendors can be found working 24 hours, as well as a 24h convenience store. The Deluxe (20 sqm) and spacious Executive rooms (30 sqm) are equipped with AC, coffee/tea maker, safe, wifi, TV and hairdryer.

J Hotel deluxe room
Deluxe Room

There is also luggage storage, laundry service and relaxing service available.
- Deluxe: Rp. 350,000 nett including breakfast
- Executive: Rp. 443,000 nett including breakfast
- Junior Suite: Rp. 628,000 nett including breakfast

Further away from the airport

Keep in mind that the following hotels might be very close to the airport on Google Maps, but they are located near the back of the airport which has no entrance to the terminals. So you would still have to drive to the other side which will take around 20 to 30 minutes.

Allium Tangerang (4-star Hotel)
Allium Tangerang (formerly Allium Airport Hotel) is a newly built up-scale hotel in Tangerang with a nice view over the city. The stylish hotel with rooms with wooden floors offers an outdoor swimming pool, fitness center and lovely furnished Paris-Lyon restaurant with western and Indonesian dishes. No alcohol is served.

Allium hotel cafe

Room types include Deluxe (23 sqm), Executive (25 sqm), Executive Deluxe (35 sqm), Allium Suite (41 sqm) with sitting area and Samali Suite (72 sqm) with bedroom, living room and dining area.

Allium hotel deluxe room
Deluxe Room

All rooms include a TV, minibar, AC, hairdryer, safe, complimentary bottled water, coffee/tea maker and wifi. Luggage storage, laundry service and business center are available as well.
- Deluxe: Rp. 585,000 nett including breakfast
- Executive: Rp. 685,000 nett including breakfast
- Executive Deluxe: Rp. 785,000 nett including breakfast
- Allium Suite: Rp. 1,710,000 nett including breakfast
- Samali Suite: Rp. 2,710,000 nett including breakfast

Padjadjaran Suites
Padjadjaran Suites is another up-scale hotel with business and conference facilities, but also good for a transit stay if you don’t mind spending some more money. The luxury hotel has an outdoor pool, spa, fitness center, pool table and executive lounge. Two restaurants, indoor and outdoor, serve Indonesian and western dishes throughout the day and daily live music is performed at night. You have a choice between Superior room (22 sqm), Deluxe room (24 sqm), Junior Suite (41 sqm) and Royal Suite (63 sqm).

Padjadjaran Suites superior room
Superior Room

All rooms have AC, coffee/tea maker, desk, minibar, TV and wifi. Besides, luggage storage, laundry service and a business center is available.
- Superior: Rp. 671,000 nett including breakfast
- Deluxe: Rp. 762,000 nett including breakfast
- Junior Suite: Rp. 1,252,000 nett including breakfast
- Royal Suite: Rp. 2,196,000 nett including breakfast

Swift Inn Aeropolis
Swift Inn Aeropolis is a modern minimalist themed budget hotel with small standard rooms of 12 sqm. The hotel offers short stay rates for a maximum of 8 hours. All rooms are equipped with a bathroom, TV, AC, desk, safe, and wifi.

Swift Inn Aeropolis room

The restaurant serves an Asian breakfast, and a laundry service, luggage storage, free parking, newspapers and business center are available as well.
- Short stay: Rp. 270,000 nett
- Overnight: Rp. 330,000 nett including breakfast

Bale Ocasa
Bale Ocasa is a Balinese themed budget hotel with wooden sculptures and a lush garden. The 97 rooms include superior (18 sqm), deluxe (24 sqm) and two suites (35-47.5 sqm). All rooms have AC, desk, TV, complimentary bottled water and wardrobe.

Bale Ocasa superior room
Superior Room

Bale Ocasa garden

Wifi is available in the public areas, as well as a small fitness room and lounge. The hotel has no restaurant, but food, snacks and beverages can be ordered through the in-room dining service. A luggage storage and laundry service is available as well.
Check Rates with ISTANIA 
- Superior: Rp. 385,000 nett including breakfast
- Deluxe: Rp. 426,000 nett including breakfast

What to do in the Airport area if you have time to kill (3 to 5 hours layover)?

For a short transit time it is recommended you don’t go too far from the airport, as traffic can be very unpredictable in Jakarta. For example what seems as just 2 km can take you up to 20 minutes or more. If you plan to kill some time with the following activities, you might want to store (some of) your luggage first. There is a left-baggage service available in Terminal 1A and 2D open for 24 hours. So, what to do for a 3 to 5 hours layover?

The closest option is Cengkareng Golf Club located adjacent to the airport, next to Sheraton Bandara hotel. The 18 holes Golf Club is part of the Soewarna Business Park which is a commercial area with over 80 multinational companies. Golf rates range from Rp. 680,000 on a weekday to Rp. 1,680,000 in the weekend for non-members. You can take a Blue Bird or Express taxi from the airport terminals which will take you there in 5 minutes.

Airport lounges
Soekarno-Hatta Airport has a number of lounges for travellers who like to rest here while waiting for their flight and have a bite or a drink. Some lounges are only for travellers of a certain airline, some only for business class travellers, but economy class travellers can enter some lounges as well by buying a day pass or pay at the door, or by purchasing an annual membership.

  • Premier Lounge, for economy class travellers. Located at International Terminal 2D, near gates D1-D7. Facilities: AC, beverages, fax, flight information monitor, internet, newspapers/magazines, showers, telephone and TV.
  • Pura Indah Lounge, for first and business class passengers of Singapore Airlines, KLM, Malaysia Airlines, Emirates, Cathay Pacific and China Airlines. Located at International Terminal 2D, near the boarding gates. Facilities: AC, beverages, conference facilities, disabled access, fax, flight information monitor, wifi, newspapers/magazines, shower, telephone and TV.
  • Mutiara Lounge, for economy class travellers. Located at International Terminal 2E. Facilities: AC, beverages, fax, internet, newspapers/magazines, telephone and TV.
  • El John Lounge, for economy class travellers. Located at Domestic Terminal 1C. Facilities: beverages (non-alcoholic), AC, internet, newspapers/magazines, TV and wifi.
  • Jasa Angkasa Semesta Lounge, for first and business class passengers of Cathay Pacific, Qantas, EVA Air, Saudia and Singapore Airlines. Located at Terminal 2. Facilities: lounge dining, beverages, showers, toilets, newspapers/magazines.
  • Monas Lounge, for economy class travellers. Located at Terminal 3. Facilities: food and beverages (non-alcoholic), charging station.

Airport shops
Shopping areas can be found in all terminals of the airport, except in the arrival zones, and include duty-free shops, souvenir shops, restaurants and cafes. Terminal 2 has duty-free shops, a gift retailer, newsagents and a bookshop.

Enjoy the services of nearby hotels
You can make use of some of the facilities of the hotels in the Airport zone. For example, get a spa treatment and massage at the Ibis Styles spa (Rp. 175,000 for a one hour massage). Another good option is to spend some time in FM7, a big resort hotel with restaurant, bakery-cafe, swimming pool and spa. All airport hotels offer free shuttle service.

How to get around in Jakarta airport ?

Inter-terminal shuttle bus
Do you need to go from one terminal to the other? You can take this yellow inter-terminal bus for free.

inter-terminal shuttle bus Jakarta airport

If you need to go from International Terminal 2 to Domestic Terminal 1 or 3, you will have to go upstairs to the departures area because that is where you can board the bus. On the side of the road, look for a blue sign that says “Pemberhentian Shuttle Bus” (shuttle bus stop). The bus arrives about every 10 minutes. The bus will go to Terminal 3 first, then 1. If you are not sure which terminal you have to go, tell your airline and destination to the driver. For Domestic (T1/3) to International (T2) you can board the bus on the ground floor. Again look for the blue sign “Pemberhentian Shuttle Bus”.

From all arrival terminals plenty of taxis are available, but the most reliable companies are Bluebird (blue car) and Taksi Express (white car). You can find them after customs and outside at the taxi stand. In contrast to other unofficial taxi companies where you will have to negotiate the price beforehand, Bluebird and Express will use their clock, so you pay when you arrive. Driving to places in or near the airport zone will cost you about Rp. 50,000 – 100,000. For taxi fares to Jakarta’s city center, see the next section.

Should I stay in the airport or should I go in the city ?

If your layover is under 4 hours it is not recommended to go to the city. If your layover is 5 hours or more, you can do it but be careful with peak hours to come back to the airport! The peak hours are: office days from 4 pm to 8 pm, with Friday being the worst day because everybody is going to the airport for the weekend getaway.

Transport from Jakarta airport to Jakarta city center

If you choose to go to the city, you can take a Bluebird or Express taxi from the airport as mentioned above. To get to Jakarta’s city center will take you about 40 minutes with regular traffic conditions, but if the traffic is bad (in the peak hours) it can take up to 1,5 hour. The price will range from Rp. 150,000 – 200,000 depending on your exact destination. It will be a bit cheaper if you visit the places described below, which are closer to the airport. If you are willing to pay more for a premium service, you can use silver birds taxis (black cars) which are more comfortable cars, suited for businessman.

Uber is also available in this city and can be very convenient for several reasons : bigger cars than regular taxis, cheaper than regular taxis (expect peak hours) and you don’t need to pay in cash as it is directly debited from your credit card. If you don’t have a local phone or don’t speak Indonesian it can be tricky to communicate with the driver though.

If you are on a tight budget, you can take the Damri Bus. It is a 10-people shuttle bus with AC that will take you directly to Jakarta city center, in front of Thamrin City mall (walking distance from Plaza Indonesia and Grand Indonesia Shopping Town). This trip from the airport to the city center will cost you only Rp. 40,000. It is incredibly cheap; safe and it takes you to a busy area with easy access to many activities.Damri bus in front of thamrin city mall

Where can I go?
Apart from the many options in Jakarta’s city center, closer options to spend your transit time are available as well. Enjoy a restaurant in Pantai Indah Kapuk, a prestigious area with lots of culinary facilities. In the same area you can even try WaterBom, a popular water park located nearby Damai Indah Golf and Country Club Pluit Junction (30 minutes, depending on traffic). In Pluit you can find different malls with broad shopping and dining facilities, including Pluit Village Mall and Emporium Pluit Mall. Across Emporium Pluit Mall is a Favehotel and in the mall is Holiday Inn Express Pluit, so you can stay here if you want to be close to a mall. This will also take you about 30 minutes from the airport. A little further south alongside the toll road heading to the airport lie Central Park and Taman Anggrek Mall, a huge and impressive complex of modern shopping facilities. Inside Taman Anggrek is an ice skating rink and next to Central Park lies a garden with fountains and ponds which becomes nice and cozy at night. It can be reached in 30-40 minutes from the airport.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheapest and cleanest Hotel nearby the airport ?
Ibis Budget is the cheapest hotel which is close to the airport, clean and well-maintained.

What is the closest Hotel with a swimming pool ?
Sheraton Bandara, in the terminal zone, has a swimming pool and whirl pool.
A cheaper option is the Ibis Styles.

Which hotels provide massage services around the airport ?
Sheraton Bandara, Jakarta Airport Hotel, Swiss-Belinn, Orchardz, Ibis Styles, FM7, J Hotel and Padjadjaran Suites.

What is the closest city mall to Jakarta airport ?
The closest city mall is Emporium Pluit Mall, about 18 km from the airport. If you are looking for a mall nearer to the city center, this is Taman Anggrek/Central Park Mall (24 km from the airport).

How long will it take me to get to central Jakarta by car ?
From the airport to Bundaran Hotel Indonesia (mall Plaza Indonesia), it will take you from 45 minutes to 1h15, depending on traffic.

How much is it to get to central Jakarta with a Taxi Blue Bird ?
The ride from the airport to the city center will cost you approximately 140,000 Rp and you will have to pay for the toll road.


Alana Hotel and Convention Center Solo

Alana Hotel & Convention Center In Solo

You can’t miss this new hotel

Already being present in the Javanese cities of Surabaya and Yogyakarta, Alana Hotels now also has an establishment in Solo, ‘Spirit of Java’. The 4-star Alana Hotel & Convention Center Solo is the new landmark on Jalan Adi Sucipto, the big building with gold-coloured facade towering above the other buildings in the street.

Alana Hotel and Convention Solo

The hotel is brand new and hasn’t had its grand opening yet, but the 247 rooms are ready to be occupied by whoever wants a quality stay while spending their time in Solo.

Fitted with modern conveniences

During my stay at Alana Solo I was impressed by its large scale, which not only becomes clear from the outside of the building, but also when you enter the hotel and its lobby.

Lobby Alana Solo

This is probably the largest hotel lobby I have seen so far, and various lounge chairs and sofas are scattered over the place, where guests can enjoy a coffee and read a newspaper. An escalator can take you to the first floor where the, evenly big, ballroom (1000 pax) and meeting rooms are located, providing perfect MICE facilities. On the ground floor behind the lobby one can find the stylish restaurant with high ceiling and Javanese nuances.

Restaurant Alana Solo

Restaurant Alana Solo

Guests can have breakfast, lunch and dinner here, and while the menu will be more extensive soon, there is already a good choice between Indonesian and some western dishes. Nasi Goreng Alana is a unique and tasty variant of the popular dish with a personal touch. The hotel’s amenities also include an outdoor swimming pool and whirl pool with adjacent fitness center, and soon the lounge, bar and spa will be finished.

Swimming pool Alana Solo

Alana Solo is a great choice for both business and leisure tourists, located conveniently close to both Adi Sumarmo Airport (15 minutes) and Solo’s city center (5 minutes).

Travel around Solo and unwind in your comfortable room

Different types of rooms and suites are available, from the spacious Superior Room (29 sqm) to the luxurious President Suite (108 sqm) with living and dining area. All rooms are equipped with a flat-screen TV, IDD telephone, tea/coffee maker, safe, minibar, hair dryer and wifi. The Junior Suite (62 sqm) also has exclusive service, wooden parquet, sitting area and bathtub.

Superior room Alana Solo
Superior Room
Deluxe Room Alana Solo
Deluxe Room

For those who want to take the opportunity to have a look around Solo’s places of interest, there are plenty of things to do. Solo is popular for its batik and at Museum Batik Danar Hadi (15 minutes from the hotel), which has a great collection of antique and royal textiles, one can observe the manufacturing process. Kampung Batik Laweyan and Pasar Klewer offer a wide range of affordable batik textiles and clothing. If you have some more time to spend, I recommend you to visit the Tawangmangu area east of Solo, which takes about a 1,5 hour drive. This area on the slopes of Mount Lawu has fantastic views over rice terraces and mountain villages as well as an impressive 80 m high waterfall, Grojogan Sewu. You can combine it with a visit to the nearby sacred Hindu temples Candi Sukuh and Candi Cetho.

Grojogan Sewu waterfall in Tawangmangu, near Solo
Grojogan Sewu waterfall

Room rates start from Rp. 505,780 nett (Superior Room) including breakfast

Alana Hotel & Convention Center Solo
Jalan Adi Sucipto
Colomadu – Solo (Karanganyar)
Central Java

Book with us ISTANIA 0811 811 8441

Lorin Solo Cactus garden

Lorin Solo: A Hidden Paradise Resort

A night at the idyllic resort

Solo, also known as Surakarta, may not be the most popular city for tourists to visit, but it certainly has enough interesting places to fill up a long weekend. But when you stay at the Lorin Solo Hotel, you don’t even need to go out everyday, because the resort is like its own village with plenty of activities and facilities to have a fun day with the family or your loved one. I have visited this hidden paradise in Solo and was pleasantly surprised by what I encountered. The 5 ha big grounds with tropical gardens, lakes, statues and fountains makes this resort a very idyllic place.

Lorin Solo lagoon

Lorin Solo rooms with balcony

Though located on the edge of Solo’s city center and only 10 minutes from Adi Sumarmo Airport, at Lorin it felt like I was in a different world. It reminded me of some luxury camping sites in the Mediterranean Area. Except instead of staying in a tent or trailer, 359 rooms, suites and bungalows are at your choice, with all the facilities you can expect from a 5-star hotel. The classical Javanese design of the rooms fits well with the design of the rest of the resort, which uses pendopos and temple-like sculptures.

Check Room rates onlogo ISTANIA and Baseline 300

Lorin Solo pendopo gazebo

Solo is a city where the Javanese cultural heritage is strongly present and the architecture of Lorin adapts to this fact. I liked this, because it is different from most new hotels these days with shimmering floors and an austere design.

No need to go out, just spend your day at the resort

I think Lorin Solo is a great place for families and anyone who likes a green environment or something different from the usual hotels. The kids can play at the pool surrounded by tropical plants and trees while you enjoy a drink at the pool bar, they can feed the fish or play beach soccer, and you can play tennis at the adjacent tennis court or get a treatment at the spa.

Lorin Solo pool

Besides that, I enjoyed just walking around the resort, which at first seemed a bit like a maze. But soon you will get to know your way around (the map of the resort in your room or the friendly staff can also help with that) and you can enjoy the greenery, have a rest at one of the gazebos or try to spot squirrels in their central garden. Since the resort is so big, there are different breakfast and dining places, so you won’t have to walk far from your room. The Sasono Bujono restaurant is located at a lagoon with a great view on the garden.

Lorin Solo restaurant with garden view
A table at Sasono Bujono restaurant

Occasionally a band plays here at night. I have tried the Tongseng Kambing which I certainly recommend. Besides the usual Indonesian dishes, bread and fruit, the extensive breakfast buffet serves salads, yoghurt, macaroni schotle (oven dish), baked tomatoes and much more. The Kampung Ikan restaurant serves seafood dishes as well as Sop Buntut which is a favourite to many guests. At full moon, a Javanese Opera will be performed.

Lorin Solo restaurant Kampung Ikan
Restaurant Kampung Ikan

Lorin keeps on growing

For events, parties or a wedding, the outdoor gardens or indoor ballroom which can accommodate up to 750 people are a good option. Meeting rooms are also available, as well as a business center where batik and medicines are sold. Although the resort was built almost twenty years ago, it still keeps on renewing its facilities and expanding its accommodations. Dozens of new moderate rooms have been established recently, and just a couple of days ago Lorin opened its rooftop bar and lounge.

Lorin Solo new building
The new building with Moderate Rooms

Different types of rooms are available, from Moderate Room (24 sqm) to Deluxe Suite (45 sqm) which has a separate living room and walk-in closet, to even bigger suites (up to 155 sqm) which also have their own kitchenette.

Lorin Solo Deluxe Room
Deluxe Room
Lorin Solo Sultan Suite
Living room of the Sultan Suite

All rooms have a balcony with garden view, AC, television, mini bar and coffee/tea maker.

Check Room rates onlogo ISTANIA and Baseline 300

Add Solo to your Java-tour

If you are really into unique accommodations and like to spend your days outdoor surrounded by lush gardens, Lorin Solo is a reason to come to Solo on its own. But there is more to do in and around Solo. Pura Mangkunegaran is where the royal family still resides and you can be guided around the palace.

Pura Mangkunegaran palace
Pura Mangkunegaran entrance

Solo is also a great place to shop for batik, for example at the Kampoeng Batik Laweyan, or to see the batik-making process at Museum Danar Hadi. If you like to see the impressive Prambanan temple or pay a visit to Yogyakarta, this is a 1,5 to 2-hour drive.

Check Room rates on ISTANIA
- Moderate Room: Rp. 550,000
- Deluxe Room: Rp. 580,000
- Executive Room: Rp. 650,000
- Deluxe Suite: Rp. 1,100,000

Lorin Solo Hotel
Jalan Adisucipto no. 47
Solo 57174
Central Java

Silimalombu Ecovillage, Samosir island

Ecovillage Silimalombu & Guesthouse In Lake Toba, Sumatra

ECO Green LOGO for Eco Lodges

Something different for your visit to Lake Toba

When paying a visit to Sumatra, one should definitely not forget to stop by the unique natural phenomenon of Lake Toba, an immense volcanic lake, and the island in the middle, Pulau Samosir. Besides the fact that you will be able to say you went to an island within an island,  Samosir’s natural beauty and traditional Batak culture will make your trip to the world’s largest volcanic lake memorable at least.

Lake Toba, Sumatra

But when you really want an authentic experience and want to contribute to maintaining Samosir’s wonders, I recommend to stay at the Ecovillage and Guesthouse in Silimalombu village.

Enjoy the village life and help develop the Ecovillage

The Ecovillage Silimalombu on the coast of Samosir was founded in 2009 by Ratnauli Gultom, daughter of the former King of Silimalombu. She, together with her husband, have taken many initiatives to keep the village as clean and eco-friendly as possible. They have launched a number of projects, such as using solar panels for energy, organic farming and an irrigation system to double the harvesting of rice.

Silimalombu village, Samosir island
Silimalombu village – Source

If you like volunteering, working on a farm, helping to empower the local people and providing them with sustainable solar energy, come strengthen the team by working at Ecovillage Silimalombu. You can also just come here to relax and enjoy the environment while staying at their Guesthouse for a small charge. If you like to volunteer for a longer time, no money will be charged. There are 10 rooms at the farm and you can stay at their new Batak-style house located directly at the lake, or in the old house of the King of Silimalombu.

New Batak guesthouse at Silimalombu Ecovillage, Samosir
New Batak guesthouse

Ratnauli and her family will make you feel at home at this unique place where ducks, pigs and buffaloes roam around. Fresh food will be provided at their restaurant, where Indonesian dishes as well as bread and pizza are prepared. You have the opportunity to help planting trees, take care of the buffalos, picking fruit and help to develop the Ecovillage in general. But some other fun activities can be arranged as well, such as mountain hiking, visiting hot springs, travelling around Samosir by boat or attending a Batak singing performance.

Dedication to eco-friendliness

Ecovillage Silimalombu is a truly integrated eco-project which regards Samosir island and its environment as a paradise which needs to be protected, and wants to convince other people of this vision. They aim for an integrated ecosystem with harmony between humans and nature, collective empowerment which values social relationships and providing the island with sustainable solar power.

Guesthouse Silimalombu Ecovillage, Samosir

So if you like to make a contribution and have an unforgettable experience while visiting the enchanting Lake Toba, Ecovillage Silimalombu is the place to go!

Rate of the Guesthouse: Rp. 150,000/day/person, including meals.

How to get there?
Most main towns in Sumatra have buses that go to Lake Toba. A public bus from Medan to Parapat (on the edge of Lake Toba, closest to Samosir island) costs Rp. 18,000 and takes around 3-4 hours.
By train, you can go from Medan to P. Siantar, then take a bus to Lake Toba which takes 40 minutes.
Another option is to fly with Susi Air from Medan to Silangit (south of Lake Toba) in 40 minutes, and then take a bus to Parapat.
A ferry runs every hour from Parapat to Samosir island and costs Rp. 15,000.

Ecovillage Silimalombu & Guesthouse
Silimalombu village
North Sumatra 

Hotel NEO Dipatiukur Bandung

Brand New Hotel NEO Dipatiukur In Bandung

Affordable quality

NEO in Jl. Dipatiukur is a brand new hotel in Bandung, open since June 2015. Although one would not expect a hotel like this to be built in a University area, NEO Dipatiukur is still conveniently located in the northern city center, just 2 km from Kebun Binatang and in the middle of the famous Dago area.

Front desk NEO Dipatiukur Bandung

The 3-star budget hotel offers 88 rooms with great value for money. A quality stay in a modern, clean building is what you can expect from NEO Dipatiukur.

NEO’s facilities

You have the choice between a Superior Room of 21 m2 or Deluxe Room of 25 m2, the latter offering some additional facilities like a bigger flat screen TV, arm chairs and an ironing-board. The facilities of both room types include a comfortable bed with duvet, free wifi, writing desk, mini bar, tea and coffee maker, safety box and AC.

Superior room NEO Dipatiukur
Superior Room

The en-suite bathroom has all complimentary toiletries you might need, from toothbrush to razor to cotton pads. The bedrooms and public rooms are stylishly designed, combining contemporary modernity with traditional nuances.

Superior room NEO Dipatiukur
Superior Room

The glimmering lobby and front desk with silver-haired staff almost give a futuristic impression. A bar and restaurant with smoking room serve a broad range of beverages and food for breakfast and dinner.

Restaurant NEO Dipatiukur

Local Indonesian, Asian and western dishes are available and an absolute favourite is the delicious Tom Yum Goong seafood soup. Business travellers, who are frequent guests of NEO Dipatiukur, can make use of the two meeting rooms which can be combined to make a 74 m2 big room.

Nearby places of interest

The main attraction near NEO Dipatiukur is Jalan Cihampelas, which can be reached within 10 minutes by car. Also known as “Jeans Street”, in Cihampelas you can find lots of cheap factory outlets as well as Bandungese oleh-oleh. A second popular area is Dago, which in its southern part offers many shops, malls, boutiques and restaurants and in the northern part a number of old Dutch colonial buildings, including the Dago Tea House. 2 km from NEO Dipatiukur, one can visit the Museum Geologi and observe the colonial art-deco style building Gedung Sate, now used as the head office of West Java provincial government.

Gedung Sate art-deco Bandung
Gedung Sate – Source

For those who prefer to stay at the hotel and get pampered, an on call spa service is available.

Superior Room with breakfast: Rp. 435,000 nett
Deluxe Room with breakfast:  Rp. 540,000 nett

Hotel NEO Dipatiukur
Jl. Dipatiukur no. 72 – 74

Ibis Bandung Pasteur hotel

Ibis Bandung Pasteur: A New Quality Budget Hotel

3-star hotel in a strategic location

A new Ibis hotel has opened less than a year ago in Bandung, which is the fourth Ibis in the city, adding to the already established Ibis Styles, Ibis Budget and Ibis Trans Studio. The new 3-star red pillow hotel is very conveniently located and easily reachable. It is just 10 minutes away from the train station as well as the airport and lies in the extension of the Jalan Tol from Jakarta to Bandung.

Front desk Ibis Bandung Pasteur

Although the affordable Ibis Pasteur can be ranked as a budget hotel, service and facilities are being elevated to provide a more comfortable stay for the guests.

Sweet dreams…

Ibis Pasteur is equipped with 157 standard rooms of 18 square meter with double or single bed, and on the higher floors a nice view either over the city, where you can see the planes landing or taking off from close by, or the mountain. Rooms can be connected so larger groups can easily stay in contact with each other and share their space.

standard room Ibis Bandung Pasteur

The design of the room uses round and wavy shapes, including the bathroom which is uniquely round-shaped to save space. An orange-tinted sofa and desk by the window make the room very homy. Besides, the rooms have a flat screen TV, mini fridge, safe-deposit box, free wifi, coffee and tea making facilities and the bright bathroom is equipped with a hairdryer and complimentary toiletries.

standard room Ibis Bandung Pasteur

The best thing about the room is probably the super comfortable bed with microfiber pillows and bolster or bantal guling, to make you feel even more at home. All new Ibis hotels will apply this renewed duvet bedding to guarantee you a great night sleep.

Ibis Kitchen and Bar

Entering the lobby, next to the front desk you will find a bar and lounge with soft sofas and board game facilities.

Lounge Ibis Bandung Pasteur

Beside the lounge is the restaurant which serves a wide buffet of western and Indonesian food for breakfast, with especially good croissants, and à la carte Indonesian dishes for dinner or an optional buffet for bigger groups.

Restaurant Ibis Bandung Pasteur

Don’t forget to try their special Ayam Honje!

Ayam Honje Ibis Pasteur restaurant

Suited for the business traveller on a budget

The hotel is popular mainly among business people who can make use of the three meeting rooms which accommodate up to 100 people. Bandung’s business area is nearby, with the Trade Center only 500 m from the hotel.

Meeting room Ibis Bandung Pasteur

After a busy day of work, one can order an in-room relaxing service. If you like to see more of Bandung, the famous shopping mall Paris Van Java is only a 20-minute walk away, and interesting architecture in art-deco style can be found all over the city, such as Villa Isola (now Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia) and Gedung Sate.

Villa Isola art-deco Bandung
Villa Isola

Room rates start from Rp. 365,000/night nett, breakfast not included.
Ibis Bandung Pasteur provides free airport and train station pickup service, as well as free valet parking at the hotel.

Ibis Bandung Pasteur
Jalan Dr Junjunan 22
40162 – Bandung

Freddies santai sumurtiga, pulau Weh

The Best Eco-Friendly Stays In Sumatra

ECO Green LOGO for Eco Lodges

Some of you may already know the popular ecotourism destination Bukit Lawang, but Sumatra has a lot more hidden paradises for the more adventurous traveller or the one seeking tranquility. These places can be difficult to reach, but once you have arrived it is certainly worth it. The following quiet and relatively remote places will give you a unique travel experience and at the same time you contribute to a good cause.

Freddies Santai Sumurtiga

Pantai Sumur Tiga, Kota Sabang
Weh Island
Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam 23521

The bungalows of Santai Sumurtiga are located at a great place with a view on the beach with clear blue water and are constructed with help of local people, mainly using natural materials from Sabang and diminishing damage of the local nature as much as possible.

Freddies santai sumurtiga, pulau Weh
Rp. 300,000 – 335,000

Satwa Elephant Eco Lodge

Labuhan Ratu IX
East Lampung Regency 34375

This ecolodge is located near Way Kambas National Park and helps to protect the endangered Sumatran elephant, rhino and tiger who reside here by contributing to conservation projects, and educates local communities about sustainable development.

Satwa elephant ecolodge, Sumatra
Rp. 530,000 – 750,000

Bukit Lawang Ecolodge

Bukit Lawang
North Sumatra

Located on the edge of Gunung Leuser National Park, this lodge has incorporated many factors to be an eco-friendly stay, such as an organic farm, an eco-friendly building design, a Solar Power Plant for renewable energy and separation of waste, and is run by Yayasan Ekosistem Lestari which gives all revenues back to social and nature programmes.

Ecolodge Bukit Lawang
Rp. 155,000 – 350,000

Mahi-Mahi Resort

Simeulue Island

During your stay at these remote bungalows you can plan unique surfing or diving activities while contributing to the endangered sea turtle conservation program which Mahi-Mahi funds.

Mahi-Mahi Resort
Rp. 1,2 – 2 million (includes airport transfer, 3 meals a day and water)

Ricky’s Beach House – Authentic Sumatra

Nagari Sungai Pinang
West Sumatra 25242

The Beach House and bungalows in this small village are part of Authentic Sumatra, a sustainable tourism project which helps develop the village, employs local people, supports the local economy by purchasing food, drinks or other supplies in the village and emphasizes involvement of tourists with local culture and art.

Ricky's beach house Sumatra
Rp. 200,000 – 250,000

Rimba Ecolodge

Muaro Duo Beach, Sungai Pisang
West Sumatra

See our earlier review about Rimba Ecolodge for more information.

Family wood bungalow in rimba
Rp. 125,000 – 225,000


exterior view of Santika premiere North jakarta 3d picture

Santika Premiere Hayam Wuruk, the new landmark Hotel in North Jakarta

A new Santika hotel has recently opened in Jakarta’s center. The 22 floors high modern building has not opened all its rooms yet, but two kinds of suites can already be booked and all public facilities are ready for use. The grand opening is planned to be in September 2015. From this 4-star Santika hotel you can explore the northern part of Jakarta which has many Chinese influences, but you can also easily reach Jakarta’s center. The Gambir railway station and Monumen Nasional are only 4 km away. It is approximately a 30-minute drive from Soekarno Hatta Airport.

exterior view of Santika premiere North jakarta 3d picture

Located at Jalan Hayam Wuruk, Santika Hotel Hayam Wuruk lies in between the older and newer districts of the capital city, so that in the surroundings you can find both a classical and a modern ambiance. The building itself has a contemporary design and provides modern facilities. 271 rooms and suites will be available, at this moment with a choice between Deluxe and Premiere room. The rooms are equipped with a safe deposit box, LED TV, minibar, and coffee and tea maker. By booking a Premiere room you will receive access to the Club Premiere Lounge at the 22nd floor, where you can enjoy a free daily high tea and exclusive breakfast with a great view, as well as complimentary use of the meeting room and some welcome fruit upon arrival.


The stylish public spaces of the hotel include Kicir-Kicir Restaurant next to the lobby, which serves a breakfast buffet with a broad selection of tasty Indonesian and Western food and is open for 24 hours, a large ballroom suited for all sorts of events, a meeting room, swimming pool and fitness center. Both leisure and business destinations are only a couple of minutes away. Go shopping and try some of the many cafés at Gajah Mada Plaza which is only 0,5 km away, visit Dunia Ancol Dufan (Fantasy Land) (12-minute drive) or Jakarta’s famous malls Plaza Indonesia and Grand Indonesia Mall (20-minute drive). Besides, the World Trade Center Sudirman is about a 20-minute drive away as well as the Jakarta Convention Center.

Deluxe room: Rp. 890,000 nett including breakfast
Premiere room: Rp. 1,120,000 nett inlcuding breakfast

Book this Hotel with ISTANIA and get a special offer : 021 9545 4487

Santika Hotel Hayam Wuruk
Jalan Hayam Wuruk no. 125
Jakarta Pusat

Book with us ISTANIA 0811 811 8441

 Book Santika Premiere Hayam Wuruk: 0811 811 8441 and get the cheaper price